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How to find a dentist in Paris ?

Taking care of your oral health is important. However, when you don’t have a regular dentist, finding a dentist in Paris may seem complicated. So, if you want to change your dentist or if you have just moved to the Paris area, here are our tips to find a dentist easily, even in emergency !

Finding a dentist in Paris: how to go about it ?

Today, with the Internet, find a dentist in Paris is much easier than before. So, for those who like traditional methods, you can of course still consult the yellow pages (if you can find a paper directory) or do a search on the Internet.

By doing a simple search on your search engine with the query “Find a dentist in Paris”, you will get a list of dentists’ offices and dental clinics in Paris such as: DavidGuenassiaDentist.en. You will be able to compare the different rates between all the dental offices and clinics and consult the customer reviews.

There are also directories where most of the dental health centers are listed, like Doctolib, where you can also make an appointment online.

Another tip to find a dentist in Paris is to call your mutual insurance company. As a general rule, the mutual health insurance companies have at their disposal the list of dentists who have an agreement (in private practice or employed in a health center, in a dental center…).

The last solution is to ask your friends and colleagues, your family, your doctor or your pharmacist.

Finding a dentist in Paris: how to go about it?

What are the delays for dental appointments in Paris? ?

If, in the provinces, it takes an extremely long time to get an appointment with a dentist, if not impossible, the Paris region is still spared by the shortage of practitioners.

For orthodontics, prostheses or dental implants, teeth whitening or even the treatment of a decayed tooth, count on approximately two weeks delay for an appointment in Paris (except for the 3rd arrondissement where you can hope to have an appointment within a week according to a study dating from 2019).

What to do in case of emergency ?

You need an emergency extraction ? Your dental implant has fallen out ? You have just broken a tooth ? Rest assured, there are solutions !

During the opening hours, Monday to Friday, everything is possible Dental surgeon is obliged to take patients same day consultation, whatever the dental emergency.

If your dentist absolutely cannot take you in emergency, he will direct you to the most appropriate place dental emergency center the closest one. You will then be taken care of, without an appointment, as soon as possible.

Outside of the opening hours of the dental centers, there are several services available on-call services, often in hospitals and clinics that will receive you 24 hours a day. To find the number of the on-call service, contact the nearest police station (17) or the SAMU (15) which have at their disposal the list of dentists on duty during weekends and holidays.

On the other hand, at night, the on-call services are closed, so your only solution is to go to hospital emergencies. In some large cities, such as Paris, hospitals have an emergency unit specialized in dentistry.

Are considered by the Public Health Code as dental emergencies:

  • Toothache or pulpitis which, if not treated quickly, can develop into necrosis.
  • A hemorrhage following a dental extraction.
  • Alveolitis which is an inflammation of the dental alveolus, often following the extraction of wisdom teeth.
  • Infection after implant placement with inflammation of the gums.
  • Periodontal disease which can lead to the destruction of the jawbone.
  • A lost or broken tooth.
  • Intense dental pain accompanied by fever.

If your tooth is broken or expelled, be very reactive and keep it in milk, physiological serum or in your mouth (be careful not to swallow it !). The faster you treat it, the more likely you are to save your tooth !

What to do in case of emergency ?

What are the rates in the capital ?

Dental surgery fees can sometimes be doubled depending on your region and your dentist.

If you have chosen an approved dentist, his fees are regulated by the Social Security, the government and the main unions of the medical professions, while a dentist who is not under agreement practices totally free rates, with overrun of fees.

Here is an overview of the different tariffs applicable to dental surgeons:

  • Consultation with the dental surgeon: 23 €.
  • Preventive dental examination: 30 € without dental X-ray.
  • Placement of a dental crown: maximum fee of 500 € (with a reimbursement by the Health Insurance of 120 €).
  • Installation of a dental prosthesis: up to 3 600 € depending on the act.

While conservative care (scaling, cavities…) is regulated, dental prostheses and crowns are free (with a maximum rate, but a relatively low reimbursement base).

Unfortunately, the fees charged by dental offices in Paris are often expensive: fees are exceeded for basic care, expensive and sometimes unnecessary services are recommended..

Following a survey conducted by the Citizen’s Observatory on 177,000 dental estimates, the National Health Insurance Fund is much more vigilant than it used to be. However, she reminds us that each patient must also take the time to find out about the cost of dental services and to compare estimates.

You now have all the cards in hand to find a dentist in Paris. However, do not forget that a good oral hygiene is important to avoid cavities, plaque and bad breath. So, brush your teeth well twice a day, use mouthwash and remember to see a dentist at least every six months !