What are the criteria for choosing a mutual health insurance company?

Mutual health insurance: which criteria to choose ?

Medical expenses can sometimes reach exorbitant proportions, despite the part covered by social security. A mutual health insurance can then come to relieve your health expenses. Provided, of course, that you choose your health insurance plan carefully from among all those available. Discover in this post, what could be your criteria of choice in terms of mutual insurance.

Use a comparator to find a mutual insurance company at the best price

Online solution dedicated to the collection of’information on the different mutual insurance offers, the insurers and the brokers, the comparator presents these different data to the insurance company’internet user. Its main characteristic is its impartiality since its reputation depends on it.

The comparators have direct access to the data of the insurers and the mutuals. So, with just one click, you have access to what you need’it is necessary to allow you to make your choice. Many of these comparators are specialized in health insurance offers’complementary health insurance.

N’Don’t hesitate to take a look at the documents’You can use the horizon to find the comparator to choose the health insurance that best suits your needs’you need among the offers of the moment.

Once you are on the comparison site, fill in the form that you will find on the left’poster to indicate your coverage preferences. From this point on, the The comparator will be able to present you with offers tailored to your needs. It will only take a few minutes to obtain proposals that are adapted to your budget and needs. You will be able to do all this without having to move.

Study your health needs before choosing your health insurance

The subscription of’a health insurance plan must meet real needs. It is useless to choose a mutual insurance only because’it is less expensive. Of course, that’You have to take your budget into account, but an unsuitable mutual insurance company will only make you lose money’money.

So identifying your health needs is the first thing you should do. Do you have vision problems for which regular ophthalmologic follow-up is necessary? ? A complementary health insurance with a good coverage of optical care is the best for you. Also take into account your profession, your age and your lifestyle in order to really identify your needsôvery.

choose your health insurance

Stay clear and don’t forget to check your budget’do not exaggerate your current needs. N’don’t anticipate your future needs too much either. You will evolve and so will your health needs.

You will always be able to adapt in time.

Professional or family mutual insurance ?

It is possible for all members of your family to benefit from your mutual insurance company (entitled persons). Two options’offer to you for this purpose. Either you do so via your professional mutual insurance company if it provides for this possibility; or you subscribe to an individual mutual insurance company that can cover your spouse and children’extend to your family.

The professional mutual insurance does not systematically cover the dependents (spouse and children). Your employer must take out a contract that offers this possibility for you to benefit from it. This type of contract covers the beneficiaries on a mandatory or optional basis.

If your contract is’extends to your beneficiaries on a mandatory basis, your employer is required to pay 50% of your contribution. If not, it’s up to you’t is you who takes care of the additional coverage for your dependents.

A family health insurance is contracted by a spouse and covers all the members of the family. Here, you will have to pay attention to the needs of each member. If the mutual insurance company allows it, do not hesitate to personalize the guarantees available for each member according to his requirements.

Which options to take on a health insurance ?

A mutual insurance is not only for reimburse the usual care, the entrance fee’hospitalization and medicines bought in pharmacies. Numerous options integrated in the proposed formulas allow to choose the most suitable solution’optimize your complementary health insurance.

The health care network is the’one of these options. C’is a group of health professionals (opticians, hearing aid acousticians, dentists) who are partners of the mutual insurance company. Thanks to this partnership, policyholders benefit from certain advantages on services such as negotiated rates and agreements allowing them not to pay in advance.

The packages are multiple, one finds in particular :

  • the fixed price for vaccines,
  • the dental scaling package,
  • the contraception package,
  • the package contrôthe of’audition,
  • the birth package, etc.

Some mutual insurance companies even offer reimbursement for non-conventional services (homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, etc.)…). Here again, prioritize your needs to make your choice.

Mutual health insurance provides a real breath of fresh air’oxygen to your health care expenses. Knowing your needs before choosing your insurance will always be beneficial.