Which custom-made frame to choose for the bedroom

Which custom-made frame to choose for the bedroom ?

The bedroom is the place of the house associated with calm and relaxation. The perfect room is the one you don’t want to leave in the morning, then look forward to returning to every evening. Everyone tries to create as much as possible the optimal decoration for this essential room. For this, warm colors, soft materials and subdued lights are tips that we no longer name. The floor is often covered with carpeting or rugs for a welcoming effect as soon as you set foot on it.

We can also enjoy the plaids, synonymous with comfort and warmth, and their many variations of colors and materials.

More and more, a decorative asset is becoming essential in our interiors. And this asset is the wall decoration. Colorful paints, wallpapers and frames are inviting themselves into our living rooms, bathrooms, kitchen… and just about anywhere there is a wall. Because beware of neglecting the walls of his apartment assuming that they do not have their role to play in the general atmosphere of a room. Today, we are going to focus on this craft object, known and unknown at the same time, and that we would all gain to have on the walls of our room. The custom-made frame is a product resulting from the craft know-how that is the framing.

The advantage of custom framing is the strong customizable character of the object. Thus, to adopt a frame for your home is to offer yourself a beautiful object that combines the work of the craftsman and a personal touch through the framed subject and the choices of personalization made. Indeed, if we know the classic frames for paintings, the possibilities of framing are multiple. You can have your favorite posters framed, whether they’re movie posters, architecture posters or anatomy posters. Photos are obviously a great element to put in the heart of a frame to admire your favorite souvenir pictures and the faces of your loved ones on a daily basis.

But that’s not all. Coaching is not all it’s cracked up to be. You can place a lot of everyday objects in a frame that you don’t often think about. The frame then becomes a strong decorative element, which does not blend into the decor but brightens it up in many ways.

We’ve prepared three ideas for custom frames to hang in a bedroom.

1. The comforting mix’n’match photo frame

For parents who want to add a small, familiar element to their parent’s bedroom decor, the jumbled photo frame is the perfect custom frame. This frame allows you toPutting several photos together in one frame. You can then choose to create a geometric layout for a minimalist effect. For a crazier frame, choose an organic arrangement that will intrigue with its unstructured look.

Find photos of your children who left the nest when they grew up. Otherwise, have your photos framed as souvenirs of the last vacation spent in the country with your children.

2. The majestic triptych of frames

For photography enthusiasts, the triptych frame is THE frame composition to adopt ! These frames can accommodate very large formats of subjects and can be used to decorate your room Adaptable to any size of the prints you’ve been dreaming of. So it’s time to bring out the great photos you took during a sunset to immortalize this magical moment. The triptych can also be the occasion to frame the three maps of the world inherited from your grandmother, a former globetrotter, that you never took out of their roll.

Here’s a way to show them off.

2. The majestic triptych of frames

3. The original custom-made frame for textiles

If you want toadd a very personal touch to decorate your room, choose to frame a textile object. A little situation. You have attended a soccer game and one of the players has signed his jersey for you ! This jersey obviously has a strong sentimental value for you and is attached to a memory that you will never forget.

However, you have not done justice to this object that has been stored in the bottom of your drawer for many months. You pull it out every now and then to impress your friends, but you’d like it to have a place in your home. Have it custom framed so that you can admire it from your bed and dream of this moment at night !