How to iron a Charliebirdy comforter cover

How to iron a comforter cover ?

The comforter cover is the first item visible on a bed when you enter the room. It is therefore necessary to keep it clean and presentable. So, some tips about washing and drying the cover can be helpful.

Ironing is also an important step, and you have to know how to do it. How to wash, dry and iron iron a comforter cover ?

What are the tips for ironing a comforter cover? 

As far as ironing is concerned, the ideal solution is to use a steam ironer. But if only a simple iron is available, it is possible to iron a comforter cover as follows:

  • First, put a little hot water on the comforter to relax the fibers, and wait 10 minutes.
  • Then you have to wait 10 minutes and then put the duvet cover on the back and flat.
  • The first side is then ironed, from the outside to the middle.
  • Then do the same thing for the other half of the cover.
  • At the end, don't hesitate to iron again the areas that were badly ironed.
  • In addition, it can be convenient to iron the cover after folding it, in order to avoid wrinkles and to store the cover more easily.

For a perfect ironing, it is also necessary to take into account the quality of the cover.

Washing and drying tips to limit wrinkles

Depending on the quality of the linen and its color, the washing and drying of comforter covers can be different. It is therefore good to know how wash and dry the different types of clothes.

It is advisable to wash your comforter cover weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the time of day you wash (weekly if you wash in the morning, bi-weekly if you wash in the evening, to avoid sweat, dirt and bacteria). It is also necessary to wash your lingerie more frequently in summer than in winter (the heat favors sweat).

The way to wash the cover depends on the material. If it is fragile, it is preferable to opt for a hand wash or at 30°, especially for silk. It is estimated that the ideal temperature to kill bacteria is 60°, but it is possible to go up to 90° for white cotton. Moreover, the washing must be adapted according to the color of the cover. Colored cloths are more delicate to wash than white cloths.

For white covers, you should avoid using fabric softeners, which can turn the linen yellow.

Washing and drying tips to limit wrinkles

Here are some tips for dry the covers. Drying, like ironing, is an important step in order to have a smooth and wrinkle-free cover. If the dryer has a "ready to iron" option, it is advisable to put it on to dry the cover.

In this case, when the drying process is over, the cover must be laid out. However, if the drying is done in the open air, the case is different. It is necessary to put the cover on a flat surface and be careful not to make folds.