Why buy an electric vehicle

Why buy an electric vehicle ?

Years go by and consumption patterns evolve with the times ! With the central issue of ecology increasingly influencing our daily lives, the transportation industry is in the crosshairs of environmentalists.

As a citizen and consumer looking to reduce your carbon footprint, buying an electric vehicle can be a good solution.

What are the clean vehicles ?

Clean vehicles are cars, motorcycles and other means of transportation that are built to be less dependent on fossil fuels and thus produce less greenhouse gases.

Among the clean vehicles, we find :

  • The electric vehicles To buy an electric vehicle is to opt for a thermal engine replaced by a 100% electric engine with a lithium battery;
  • The hybrid vehicles Hybrid vehicles: combine thermal engine and electric motor (electric battery), the first allowing among other things to recharge the second. Some hybrid vehicles can be “plug-in” and have a longer electric range, but must be recharged at charging stations like a 100% electric vehicle;
  • The natural gas vehicles The : the fuel of this type of vehicle is gaseous, which allows the vehicle to reject few fine particles in the air;
  • The hydrogen vehicles electric vehicles that run on a fuel cell.

Which eco-friendly car to buy ?

If the technologies progress every year to allow clean vehicles to constitute a real alternative to the traditional vehicles (diesel and gasoline), the best solution today is to buy an electric vehicle to move more ecologically.

Buying an electric vehicle is indeed the best option for produce almost no pollution locally No CO2, no nitrogen dioxide and few fine particles. Moreover, it is the clean vehicle that consumes the least energy.

Note: the nature and origin of the electricity (coal, nuclear…) used to recharge an electric vehicle can greatly influence the ecological balance of this type of vehicle.

Depending on your budget and your desires, you can then turn to a Peugeot e-208, a Renault ZoƩ, a Renault Twingo ZE or a BMW i4 or even a Tesla (Tesla Model Y or Tesla Model 3).

How to buy an electric vehicle ?

The first thing to know before buying an electric vehicle is know your needs Is your car use limited to short trips around town? ? Will you need to take the highway often on long trips ? Each model of electric vehicle is different (autonomy, charging power, sensitivity to wind…), so don’t forget to think about this before buying an electric vehicle.

Moreover, if you are looking to buy an electric vehicle, you should know that you will be dependent on the charging network in France. Depending on the model, the deployment of this network will not be at the same stage, limiting your access to accelerated charging stations.

Then, it is essential to buy an electric vehicle with an adapted car insurance like Groupama. L’car insurance for electric vehicles is generally specific to this type of vehicle to provide specific guarantees (electrical breakdown assistance, towing to a recharging station…). In terms of price, you will find everything: so remember to compare different insurers before buying an electric vehicle.

Finally, it is important to answer a key question: buying a car is not a good idea new or used electric vehicle ? On the one hand, buying a new electric vehicle gives you the opportunity to acquire a vehicle with the latest technology in electric vehicles. On the other hand, buying a used electric vehicle can allow you to take advantage of much more affordable prices in addition to reducing your ecological impact.

What are the aids to buy an electric vehicle ?

To encourage more responsible consumption for your travels, there are several grants to help you buy an electric vehicle :

  • The ecological bonus (new vehicle): its amount will depend on the purchase price of your electric vehicle as well as the date of purchase (evolving scale), it will also depend on the type of vehicle’is the’strongest aid to date ;
  • The conversion bonus Why you should switch to steam cooking : Buying an electric vehicle as a replacement (scrapping) for an old diesel or gasoline model gives you access to a bonus. A surprise can be added in the Low Emission Zones (ZFE) ;
  • L’Exemption from payment of registration certificate ;
  • L’help with the installation of a home charging station.

Buying an electric vehicle is getting easier and easier thanks to recent technological advances that allow this type of vehicle to catch up. financially encouraged by the State, thatand are you going electric ?