Why you should switch to Charliebirdy Steam

Why you should switch to steam ?

Steaming has been in vogue for some time now, and we are no longer interested in it’let’s not give up. A simple and healthy way to cook many foods without taking the trouble. This allows you to’to have an optimal cooking without adding any fat and without losing the nutritional value of the food in particular.

What can be steamed ?

By switching to steam cooking, you will regain the true flavor of your food, without having an aftertaste of burnt or superfluous fat. This method is ideal for people who are careful about their figure but also for everyday life to take care of your health simply. In addition, the vitamins and nutrients present in your vegetables will be preserved and enhanced by steaming.

Indeed, the nutrients are not’The food will not evaporate in the same way as it does when you use it’a boil-in-the-wool.

Steaming is also quite fast – the cooking times are not huge and in addition, in a good equipment you can make several cooking simultaneously which will save you a huge amount of time.

With steam you can actually cook a large number of products for your meals:

  • Fish steaks in only 3 minutes
  • Chicken in about thirty minutes
  • Vegetables at will, in a few minutes to blanch them or simply cook them
  • Cereals
  • Potatoes, no need to worry about them’wait for hours before tasting them
  • Legumes..
  • Some recipes even allow you to make steamed cakes, as light as possible, it’s like biting into a cloud for a much healthier cake than its counterparts

How to steam ?

Steam cooking has also seduced you ? Today’Today, there are many ways to go about steaming. Start by equipping yourself with a steamer’a simple pan and place a container on top for an improved bain-marie. You can also use your pressure cooker and its basket to steam.

Nevertheless, these solutions are not optimal, especially when it comes to cooking times, which must be scrupulously respected with the’use of’a pressure cooker.

Some appliances exist today’specially designed for steam cooking of multiple elements. N’Do not hesitate to consult a site to help you choose your steamer because there are some today’They are now available in all sizes, all brands and, above all, at all prices’acting d’A small investment, however, so it’s best to find the right appliance’device that really fits your needs.

If you are a professional cook and you love to concoct good food, succumb to the “kitchen”’call of the’pressure cooker. An essential tool for kitchen enthusiasts since’A large number of dishes can be made without taking your head off. Pressure cookers offer a gentle steaming mode to help you get through the process.

Otherwise steamer, are tools that allow you to simplify the process of cooking using a system and containers specially for the cooking technique.