Complementary health insurance – why should you take out Mission Health?

Complementary health insurance: why subscribe to it ?

Health comes first, and it is not the subscribers to an additional health insurance that will tell us otherwise ! Convinced of the attractions of this system, subscribers now admit to being more serene about their health lives. Despite this real craze for mutual health insurance, many people are still hesitant to sign up. The fear of having to pay monthly contributions without having the guarantees that meet one’s needs is one of the biggest obstacles to the ratification of such a system. And yet, a good complementary health insurance policy allows you to benefit from several palpable advantages, whether in the short or long term.


Effective complement to the health reimbursement

Although it is completely optional, having health insurance as an extra can make a big difference ! The main role of this system is to supplement the reimbursement of expenses in the health care system of the subscribers for a strongly reduced remainder to load. Contrary to popular belief, compulsory health insurance only reimburses part of the cost of care. This partial or non-existent coverage for more extensive care makes access to health services difficult for those who cannot afford it.

In addition, those who are obliged to undertake specific treatments on a regular basis must always plan for a substantial amount of money to be able to adequately pay for their health expenses.

In addition, with the cost of living increasing significantly over the years, effective health care can become a luxury for low-income households. To be able to take advantage of all types of care without having to pay exorbitant amounts of money, subscribing to a complementary health insurance remains the best solution. With partial or full coverage of the co-payment, it is possible to benefit from quality medical procedures without paying anything ! Maternity, accidents, illnesses, pharmacy, etc. Owners of a complementary health insurance plan will be able to access all therapeutic services without fearing the final bill ! You will significantly reduce your expenses to take care of your health and that of your family.

It is also important to note that the medical procedures covered by the complementary health insurance do not have to be similar to the operations reimbursed by the social security. Many health practices that are not covered by the mandatory health insurance can be considered by the complementary health insurance such as alternative medicine. Acupuncture; reflexology; physiotherapy; hypnosis; light therapy, etc. these procedures can be covered by the complementary insurance, but not by the social security.

Terms and conditions in line with the needs of the subscriber

In order to guarantee payments that will be perfectly in line with the expectations of the subscribers, the complementary health insurance can be modulated according to the needs of each one. As with Allianz, subscribers will be able to choose between multiple interventions at the time of subscription in order to enjoy the best possible reimbursements. The idea will be to privilege the coverage of treatments that will be frequently used by the member.

The guarantees highlighted will therefore be personalized in order to respond positively to the real health requirements of each individual. To do so, complementary health insurance professionals use age, state of health and family health history to propose the perfect coverage formula. Thus, regardless of the member’s profile (young, senior, single, married, with dependent children, etc.), your status (retired, on a fixed-term contract, permanent contract, student, farmer, etc.) and your age.) and its health essentials, they will be able to take advantage of the right coverage.

In addition, all members are guaranteed to have reimbursements up to the level of the desired benefits.

Affordable rates

For members with limited budgets, the idea of paying an additional contribution each month may simply not be appropriate for their financial situation. Students and retirees are the ones who are most reluctant to join because of the costs involved. However, it is quite possible to subscribe to complementary health insurance starting at 20 euros per month or even less. Moreover, you should also have a long-term vision because if you decide to subscribe to such a supplemental reimbursement, you will be limiting your health expenses over several years.