10 cheap kitchen accessories to prepare a healthy recipe

10 cheap kitchen accessories to prepare a healthy recipe

Crunchy and light salads, seasonal fruit smoothies, vegetable soups… Healthy recipes make it possible to eat healthily while guaranteeing an excellent nutrient intake. When you have a busy lifestyle, preparing food is an additional constraint. To concoct the best healthy recipes, here are 10 kitchen accessories that you should definitely buy.

The best kitchen accessories for your healthy recipes

Plastic cutting board

Compared to wood, the plastic cutting board has more tricks up its sleeve. It ensures excellent hygiene in the cutting of meats, fruits and vegetables. Moreover, this kitchen accessory can stand the test of time.

It is not likely to get damaged when it is accidentally dropped on the floor. The plastic cutting board can be a great ally to prepare the ingredients of healthy recipes.

Fish scaler

Fish is one of the ingredients to be favored in a healthy recipe. In addition to being low in calories, it is one of the main sources of omega 3, one of the nutrients that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In order to enjoy only quality seafood, it is necessary to buy fresh products.

Removing the scales from a fish is certainly no fun. Not only is it time consuming, but it also requires good technique to preserve the appearance of the fish. The fish scaler is one of the kitchen accessories that will facilitate your tasks. Easy to handle, it also offers optimal safety to users.

For domestic use, you can choose a manual fish scaler.

Cherry pitter-patter

Known for its high content of provitamins A, cherries are one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world. Whether eaten plain or made into a sorbet, it works well to complement your healthy menu. The cherry pitter is a magical kitchen accessory that facilitates the preparation of these red fruits. To save a considerable amount of time, think about getting a multifunctional pitter.

This accessory makes it easy to remove the seeds without damaging the flesh of the fruit. Choose a compact and ergonomic model to enjoy a comfortable use. If you want to buy a practical and functional cherry pitter, it’s best to choose a plastic model.

This range of products has the advantage of being light. The metal alloy model, on the other hand, is more resistant.

Plastic colander

The plastic colander is one of the kitchen accessories that you can’t do without. It is ideal for draining fruits and vegetables in no time. To simplify your tasks, more innovative colander models are available on the market today. They have the advantage of adapting to the dimensions of the containers (pan, pot, bowl …) thanks to its clip-on format.

Easy to use, this strainer is ideal for saving time. You can easily drain excess water into a container in two or three movements. In addition to its practicality, this accessory is also a must-have for an easy-to-clean accessory.

Onion glasses

Slicing onions is a task that can easily turn into a chore. Rich in a substance called “allinase”, this food stimulates the production of tears. Going without onions is a big mistake if you’re on a healthy diet. This food is a great ally in eliminating cellulite. In addition, it helps reduce toxins in the body.

To improve your comfort, one of the easiest tips is to buy onion glasses. Designed to protect your eyes, this accessory allows you to easily prepare your best onion-based recipes. If you are planning to prepare onion rings, for example, you need ingredients such as corn flour and almond milk. For this recipe, you will only have to fry each piece of onion soaked in flour and milk.

Don’t hesitate to use cayenne pepper to enhance the taste of onion rings.

Tomato cutter

As the visual aspect is very important on the plate, you must pay particular attention to the utensils you use. The tomato cutter is one of the essential accessories to improve the presentation of gourmet tomato salads. It allows you to make regular cuts without having to linger over them.

With a stainless steel blade, this utensil is built to last. In addition, it has the advantage of being easy to clean. This is a great advantage when you are always in a hurry.

Cooking thermometer

As its name suggests, the cooking thermometer is used to check the temperature of our food. Thus, it is very useful to determine if it is necessary to stop or continue cooking a dish. We can say that this accessory is an essential to ensure the success of your recipes.

There are three types of cooking thermometers on the market. The mechanical thermometer can be inserted into an oven. The electronic thermometer offers a precise temperature.

It is generally used to determine the doneness of the meat: blue, rare and medium. The spatula-shaped thermometer is designed to check the temperature of sauces and jams. This tool can easily be introduced into the preparation.

Apple slicer

The apple is an excellent appetite suppressant. Rich in vitamin C, it gives you a boost of energy to start your day. To save time when preparing a healthy and balanced apple recipe, don’t hesitate to use an apple slicer. To cut the fruit, simply place a whole apple wedge on the base, then effortlessly feed the blades through the ultra-ergonomic handles. To enjoy a healthy meal, there is nothing like a salad made of fruits and vegetables.

To make this simple and light recipe, you will just have to mix apples previously cut in a large bowl with grated carrots and peppers. If you are passionate about light pastry, don’t hesitate to prepare apple pies and cakes.

Egg yolk separator

When you want to separate the yolk from the white of an egg, you use the good old method of the shell. Some do it perfectly while others break the yolk in a hurry. That’s why it’s a good idea to use a yolk separator to save time.

Besides that, it is a very safe tool. So there’s no reason why little ones can’t help you prepare a healthy recipe.

Vegetable grater

If you like to cook good food, it is worthwhile arming yourself with the best accessories to better organize yourself and save time. The vegetable grater is one of the essentials for successful healthy recipes. It has several blades so that the shapes of your vegetables can vary according to your desires.

With this accessory, cutting vegetables into thin strips will no longer be a chore. In terms of practicality, we love the vegetable grater for its compactness. So you can easily put this accessory in the bottom of a drawer.

This lightweight accessory is easy to handle.