How to choose your TV furniture

What tv furniture to choose ?

The tv stand is both practical and aesthetic. Depending on its location, the’In order to choose the right TV furniture, you need to take into consideration many factors, depending on the orientation of the TV and the layout of the sofa. Here are a few tips for selecting the best furniture for your TV.

Which TV stand to choose ?

Your TV stand is an integral part of your living room furniture. We bet on a piece of furniture that s’tunes to the decoration of the room. To match the’together your furniture, you can choose a table, a sideboard, a coffee table, chairs and TV furniture from the same range.

Otherwise, you have the possibility to’Matching covers and colors.

Finding a cheap, design and quality tv stand is now easy. On commercial sites, there are many references. You can discover many models of TV furniture and select the one that will suit your interior design.

In addition, the choice of model will Based on the size of your TV, The location of the furniture (against a wall or in a corner), the desired height, the integrated storage, the design, etc.

Choose your TV stand according to the size of your TV

The choice of TV furniture s’The choice of your sneakers also depends on your clothing habits’angle, suspended TV, etc. Choose your furniture according to the size of your TV is the first reflex. Indeed, we opt for a piece of furniture that is at least the same width as the other’screen to support the weight of the TV.

The dimensions of your TV stand must be adapted not only to your room, but also to the size of the TV. The screens are now flat, so the width of the furniture will generally be adapted. Nevertheless, the screens marketed for salons can measure up to 2 meters’2 meters away ! Without being in the’excess, we can say that’a standard TV screen is on average 1m20 wide.

Your furniture should therefore measure at least the same size in length.

In addition, for aesthetic reasons, most decorators of TV’s are using it for their own purposes’It is advisable to select a piece of furniture longer than the TV. For example, if your screen is 1.20m long, it would be better to choose a TV cabinet of 1.60m length. The result will be more harmonious, you can also have some decorative elements on the ends of the furniture.

In view of the many models on the market, it is now necessary to choose a piece of furniture that will frame your TV and that will be placed on the floor’Today it is possible to transform your living room only with a new tv stand.

Which TV stand for a suspended TV ?

With the multiple contemporary inspirations in the living room decoration, the suspended TV is trendy. There are two different ways to arrange a wall TV:

  • either a specific support is fixed on the wall, adapted to the model of the TV
  • or we opt for a TV cabinet

In the first case, it is necessary to drill the wall. The tenants are not’don’t always have that clearance. C’That’s why the second option is the best’proves interesting. In addition, it offers an incomparable modern look. How does the hanging TV cabinet look like? ? It if’simply acts as a catalyst’a piece of furniture that will frame your TV and that can be placed on the floor.

We find closed or open storage that will decorate the living room.

If your situation allows you to pierce the wall, you have the possibility to fix your TV on a wall support. In view of’add storage space for consoles, remote controls and the TV box, it is advisable to place a piece of furniture under the suspended TV.

You don’t’You have not yet made your choice for your TV stand ? Proceed by elimination by choosing the type of furniture, size and design.