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What are the best LEGOs ?

Among the most successful building sets in recent years, we can mention the LEGO. They have been around for almost a century and are among the best selling toys in the world.

Our selection of the best LEGO

First of all, it is important to know that LEGOs are not just plastic blocks for children. These are pieces that allow you to build all kinds of characters or objects, which are aimed at both children and adults. They were created in 1932 in Denmark, and to this day, they are considered one of the most popular building sets in the world the most sold toys in the world.

It is simply impossible not to know them. However, if you have never had the opportunity to see them up close, you should know that they come in the form of interlocking colored plastic bricks. The toy brand that makes them has partnered with several movie universes, which has allowed it to market LEGOs with figures representing iconic characters from cult movies or cartoons.

It is thanks to this that it is now possible for anyone to find their happiness in the large catalog of LEGO toys available on the market. Whether you’re a fan of science fiction, horror movies, police, firemen, animals of all kinds or spaceships, LEGO adapts to all your desires. This selection of LEGO in fashion is the proof of it.


Hogwarts is the wizard school of the famous Harry Potter saga. It’s a theme that inspired the creators of LEGO toys. So you can find a LEGO box that recreate the whole universe of the young wizard with glasses.

You’ll get LEGO parts models to use to build the famous Hogwarts school, with many details that will seem surreal.

However, as you can imagine, these building sets usually consist of thousands of pieces. More precisely, the LEGO Hogwarts castle set alone has more than 6000 pieces that you will have to assemble to build the school of young wizards. It will be the perfect game to pass the time, to exercise your imagination and especially to become an ace puzzler.

Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer

If you are a fan of the incredible Star Wars universe, then you will be spoilt for choice with LEGO. You will indeed find several LEGO models on this theme, very expensive boxes also composed of thousands of pieces to assemble. Note that the Star Wars themed LEGOs are among the most expensive toys of the brand. Specifically, the model on the Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer, can cost up to 400 euros or even more, depending on the dealer.

NASA’s Apollo Saturn V

If you like rockets and high-tech vehicles, then you’ll love this LEGO box. You will find parts to build the Saturn V launcher of the NASA Apollo mission. The result is an imposing toy made of LEGO bricks, a faithful reproduction of the original rocket.

The manufacturer made sure to include every detail to make it as identical as possible to the original, but in miniature of course. In the box, in addition to the LEGO pieces, you’ll find three stands designed to let you display your masterpiece horizontally. You will also have mini-figures of astronauts and a booklet on the Apollo missions.


The LEGO Batmobile is very old, but still continues to be popular with fans of construction games. This will be perfect for those who love beautiful cars. C’is a set of LEGO pieces or bricks, that allows us to reproduce as faithfully as possible the famous Batmobile.

All Batman fans can have fun recreating their favorite hero’s car, with all its classic curves as seen in the 1989 movie. You will have a set of 3306 pieces exactly, to create a 60 cm long car. In addition, you will be entitled to three exceptional figurines, one of which represents Batman with his cape.


Stranger Things

Finally, the last LEGO toy we are presenting is the one inspired by the universe of the series Stranger Things. You can find thousands of parts or LEGO bricks, that will allow you to build the iconic Byers’ House. You will also be entitled to eight figurines that faithfully represent the main characters of the series, so that you can create new frightening stories yourself.