Choosing an umbrella tips and advice

How to choose an umbrella ?

S’to equip with’A good umbrella is essential all year round’year to stay dry. How to choose an umbrella ? What are the criteria of choice ? Umbrella cane, retractable, manual, automatic, duomatic, ultralight, black, transparent or printed: the umbrella in all its states and our tips to help you choose an umbrella.

How to choose an umbrella ?

What size for an umbrella ?

The size of the umbrella is a essential criteria of choice. Specifically, there are two types of umbrellas: the mini umbrella and the classic umbrella (cane). Mini umbrellas are retractable, easily stored at home, in the car, or in a bag.

However, they are a little less sturdy than the classic umbrellas with the fixed handle in the shape of a cane. What to look for’In any case, it is recommended to’choose a 100% handmade French umbrella if you are looking for a high quality umbrella.

The weight of the umbrella

An umbrella seems light at first glance’eye. Yet, when you wear it while walking for a long time, it is appreciable to have it in your hand’have made the right decision by choosing a light umbrella. In the’an umbrella should not weigh more than 550 g.

The ultra light models are generally 250 g. Lightweight models are made of carbon ribs and spokes, a light and resistant material.

As well as the weight of the umbrella, take into account the’opening :

  • Manual The brand’s products : the umbrella s’opens and closes with the strength of your arms.
  • Automatic The weight of the umbrella’opens at the touch of a button and closes manually.
  • Duomatic The button on the umbrella allows you to turn it on and off’to open and close it.

What color to choose for an umbrella ?

The umbrella is a practical accessory which, at first glance, looks like it’s not very stylish’has nothing to do with style. Yet, we like to stay chic and we don’t want to clash with an orange or green umbrella. In terms of color, it is advisable to choose a sober shade, such as black, brown, beige, navy blue and gray. If you like color, nothing prevents you from going for brighter shades.

If you like to keep your style classic and bring a touch of class to your home, you can touche d’originality, opt for a patterned umbrella.

Umbrella canvases are mostly made of polyester and nylon. To verify that the umbrella is of the right quality, check the’Canvas uniformity with a light. Do the same for the seams.

To choose an umbrella for men, prioritize your need. Are you going to use it?’use often ? Do you have the’space to store a cane umbrella ? If you like practicality, opt for a retractable umbrella. For a more pronounced style, it is true that the cane umbrella is more elegant.

Where to buy your umbrella ?

You can find umbrellas everywhere: supermarkets, shoe stores, discount stores, leather goods stores, online stores, etc. If you are in the’If you are in a store like a department store and the rain is in full swing, opt for a reliable umbrella like Isotoner umbrellas which have a good price-quality ratio.

However, the best option remains the leather goods or specialized online stores. In terms of quality, we are on umbrellas more resistant in time and wind … Indeed, some brands like H2O Umbrellas Innovations in the umbrella sector. Their invention, the Passvent, is a windshield umbrella that is reinforced and does not flip over. Practicality, n’isn’t it ?

If you are looking for a high end umbrella, go to specialized stores or online umbrella stores. As far as the budget is concerned, you have to foresee about a hundred euros’euros for a handmade umbrella (80 € to 180 € to give a more concrete price range). This type of umbrella is guaranteed for life s’it is made in France, it is finally more profitable than the cheap umbrellas you can find on the market’We buy and sell them’we break quickly.

If you don’don’t have any money’As a gift idea, offering a French handmade umbrella personalized with an embroidery seems to be a good idea. You will be sure to stand out !

The umbrella is a practical accessory that can be played with to style your outfit, although in most cases, people choose sober models that are more practical’agree with all the styles. The choice of the umbrella is thus made more according to the practicality and the price.