I got a tattoo at La Serre du Tatouage Paris my experience

I got a tattoo at La Serre du Tatouage Paris: my experience

I talked about it in my article about the best tattoo artists: La Serre Paris is a workshop more and more famous in Paris. Located close to the Luxembourg gardens, this small workshop is very attractive and more and more popular, especially with the spotlight put on it by influencers such as Enjoy Phoenix. J’I tested this show, I tell you my experience.

Address and status of the Tattoo Greenhouse

La Serre du Tatouage is located 14 rue de l’Arbal├Ęte, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. A small tattoo parlor in the center of Paris, which does not have a HIV test’is not very difficult to perform’access, in fact, the’workshop is located 10 minutes walk from the Luxembourg station of the RER B. As is often the case in Paris, the’access is more difficult by car, there are indeed very few parking spaces.

La Serre du Tatouage is a very small salon, which will soon be opened’to enlarge because two new tattoo artists are being recruited. L’The atmosphere is very soft and uncluttered, you would almost think you were in a tattoo parlour’a friend with a small coat rack, a small storage room and a small’waiting and wooden stools.

How to make an appointment with Dot, Astree_ or Paulette Ceyrat ?

La Serre tattoo parlor gathers three artists, all having a very fine tattoo style, full of delicacy and elegance’ombrages. Among these three artists, the most known is without a doubt DOT who is very present and has a lot of contacts’a certain talent in small, well detailed pieces, landscapes, stars and dots. To make an appointment with him, you have to be patient and wait until his agenda is open, usually for 5 to 6 months later. L’opening of the’The agenda is announced on the Instagram profile of the salon and on the personal profile of the tattooist.

If the’If the agenda is open, you will have to send an email to [email protected] was given an email with your phone number, a description of your project, the size you want and the place you want it.

The other two artists are apprentice tattoo artists (very talented though) and accept appointments directly on Instagram. For my part, my tattooing project has been’This is what I’m talking about with Paulette Ceyrat on the social network. Very much to the point’She knew how to guide my tattoo project, listen to my expectations and advise me on the size and location.

J’I got my appointment in less than two weeks through this social network.

Once the project is set up, a price is proposed and an appointment can be made. To validate an appointment together, it is necessary to explain the steps and to take a break’was asked for a deposit of 25 euros by Lydia (or at worst Paypal) which would have been reimbursed if I had not paid it’I had to cancel 48 hours in advance’advance. A guarantee that seems to me quite understandable and normal, especially when I see the number of slots made available at the last minute following a cancellation.

Hygiene and work of this Parisian tattoo parlour

For the’Having tested it, La Serre du Tatouage is a very clean establishment, really, it is not a place for a tattoo’There was nothing to complain about. L’If the tattooing space is delimited by windows to guarantee a certain intimacy, the products and materials are covered with film, the tattooers use gloves, of course, do not answer the phone during a service and disinfect the tattoo regularly. They take of’elsewhere a little time before starting to “prepare the work plan.

Another positive and appreciable point, as a customer, we are invited to sign a document before being tattooed taking back the conditions so that the services take place in the best way: the customer is invited to sign it’The tattoo artist is committed to not being under the influence of drugs or not having applied anaesthetic cream while the tattoo artist is in the process of removing the tattoo’s commitment to respect the rules of hygiene’hygiene and to give all the necessary advice for a good healing and a good maintenance of the tattoo.

We are very pleased with the’I was also well advised once the work was done with the name of the tattoo artist’I was able to use a healing cream, the care to be taken and what I needed to do’you should not do if the’you don’t want to end up removing your tattoo, all grouped on a small memo card.

My experience during my tattoo

As for my tattoo, Paulette Ceyrat has done a beautiful job that perfectly reflects what I wanted. She listened to me and took the time to ask me if everything was okay, to tell me if I was okay, and to tell me if I was okay’To validate an appointment time together, he will have to explain the steps and make a pause when I am ready’I needed to stretch my arm a bit, ankylosed by the service.

On the level of the’I was very happy with the reception’We were very well received by the owner’artist Paulette Ceyrat who was going to tattoo me. I didn’t really know what I was getting into’to wait, to see if I’m ok’all the more so since’he did not’There is no photo of the’I had a lot of fun with her on social networks, so it’s silly to say that I didn’t even know who I was’I was going to have in front of me. A truly beautiful encounter with a kind and patient young woman’being loaded with talent.

On the other hand, whether it’s a bad day or a habit, I don’t know’I had one word from DOT in the salon with a client during my visit. No “hello”, no “goodbye” and even less “how do you do ? “. This is quite surprising when you know that it is not a good idea to have a woman in the same room as you’It is he who has a long list of’waiting for appointments. If I don’t contest his talent and the beauty of his work, such a cold reception was a bit destabilizing, as I was about to be confronted with a new model’We tell you again: there are some people who are more than happy to take the mail’he was talking to his client when I arrived, the client then left which did not help’has not changed things.

A little discomfort that doesn’t seem to be a problem’I was not disturbed by my visit and still left a good impression and a really successful tattoo.