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SMR Sneakers: What to Give ?

This brand is the story of a passionate person who took up a challenge, taking over the family business of which he was the third generation. His family’s business was initially open to his country, and it was in 2015 that he decided to internationalize the business. He now works with companies in Europe to manufacture his shoes, favoring premium quality and European companies.

The Semerdjian brand

The brand was founded by a man from Marseilles, manufacturer and shoe lover since the beginning. The shoes are of high quality and made in Italy and Portugal with premium materials. The brand is known for its flashy and colorful models, full of glitter and rhinestones.

With a soft mix of urban elegance and fantasy, the brand is at the top of the current popularity. In 2015, after a reconversion, the brand was redesigned and opened 500 physical stores and concept stores in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland. To find this brand, you need to go to online retailers.

Some sites offer exclusive models of the brand’s sneakers, such as the site Jadeetlisa.en.

The brand offers a very wide choice of shoes, with an important value: comfort above all. The choice of the brand is based on infinite possibilities to please everyone, with an endless choice of colors and textures. The ability to match all styles and sizes is a strong asset for the brand.

Which SMR sneakers to offer to your girlfriend ?

For a special occasion or simply to please, to offer a pair of sneakers to his girlfriend is always welcome. How to choose the right pair ? The most crucial question: what is your shoe size? ? Note that not all brands cut the same and that depending on the type of shoe, the size also varies.

Then, adapt the pair to your style. If she wears rather classic clothes, avoid flashy colors and opt for sober colors, or gold, silver. There are some great plain models.

If your girlfriend is used to wearing daring pieces, try the ultra-colorful models, with all kinds of prints. Giving a gift, especially shoes, is a way to show your girlfriend that you know her tastes and that you listen to her desires.

To feel more comfortable with the brand, be sure to check out the different models it offers, such as the Vanessa model, the Ninja model, the Maya model or the Catri model, the emblematic of the brand. Most of the models are colorful and colorful, with patterns and reliefs. They are not all eccentric, there are some for all tastes and styles.

There are models of high or low sneakers, with zippers, laces or velcro. It has almost become possible to personalize your shoes as there are so many choices and combinations possible.

If your girlfriend’s tastes are not set on sneakers, you should know that the brand offers other types of shoes, such as boots, sandals, flip-flops, espadrilles, booties, moccasins and mules.