Traveling by plane which suitcase to choose

Traveling by plane: which suitcase to choose ?

When planning your business’If you are traveling by plane, check the regulations of the carrier concerning the authorized weight and size of the luggage. The airlines regulate independently the transport of luggage, it is therefore preferable to know at the time of the flight’buying from’a ticket if the hand luggage itself will be sufficient. In addition to checking the requirements regarding the size and weight of the case, you should consider the choice of the type of case.

In this short guide, we show you what to look out for when buying a suitcase, and explain what the’we call secure luggage.

Carrier requirements for suitcase weight and size – what you need to pay attention to ?

Airlines have different rules regarding the size and weight of luggage. When planning a marketing campaign, you need to be aware of the different media that exist’On a flight, make sure that your carry-on bag is included in the price of the ticket – some airlines only offer small personal luggage, which is not allowed’i.e. a bag or laptop case, in the ticket price. Additional charges s’apply for extra hand luggage.

However, most carriers offer carry-on luggage included in the ticket price. It s’is usually Lancel suitcases with dimensions of 55x40x20 cm (these are average dimensions, you can find detailed information on the website of the carrier), in addition they determine a weight limit. Usually, the authorized weight of carry-on luggage is about one kilogram’about 8 kg. When checking luggage size requirements, see how the dimensions are counted.

Some lines also include suitcase wheels and a handle in the overall dimensions.

In addition to carry-on luggage, you can also purchase checked luggage. Checked luggage is larger luggage. L’s option’The purchase of checked luggage is perfect for people who have a large amount of luggage’items, so a carry-on is not enough, but also by people who want to carry in their luggage items that can not be carried in a carry-on bag. There are limits to the amount of liquids carried in relation to hand luggage.

In addition, some categories of luggage insurance are not included in the travel policy’items cannot be transported.

Suitcase with TSA lock – what is the security ?

The TSA lock is a combination lock with the code defined by the owner of the suitcase. However, this is not the case’This is not the main advantage of this solution. There is a keyhole next to the code, but the owner himself does not have to use it’has no key to open the lock. Only the customs services have the option of a weight limit’In case of a search of the luggage, a special key opens the suitcase to the outside’using the key and then locks it.

With this solution, the lock is not destroyed by the customs and after checking the contents of the bag, the customs officers close it again.

How to prepare and secure your luggage ?

When packing, you should remember the basic rules: keys, documents, important objects are best kept close to you, not too far away’n other words, in the hand luggage that you have with you. If you carry valuables in your checked luggage, it is worthwhile to buy luggage insurance. L’insurance will provide protection in case of baggage delay, baggage damage or baggage loss. It s’acts of’This is an excellent additional safety feature, as it allows you to carry your own luggage’all the more so as the subscription of’In addition, some categories of luggage insurance in the travel policy does not cost much.

In addition, some airlines do not have a key to open the lock’insurance, it is already included in the’option d’basic travel insurance.