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How to organize a bachelor party in Lyon ?

One of your relatives is getting married soon and you need to organize an unforgettable bachelor party ? Lyon is the perfect city for this ! With its ease of access and wide range of accommodations, it is the ideal destination for you to spend a magical time with friends. Read this article to find out how to organize a bachelor party in Lyon, this incredible city.

Organizing a bachelor party in Lyon: How to go about it ?

Organizing a bachelor party in Lyon requires weeks of preparation before the wedding and several steps that must be followed to the letter.

Before thinking about the activities, you must first make a list of the guests who will be present and contact them before making a survey to know when they will be available. Propose 3 different dates to be sure to gather as many people as possible. The stage of the invitations will then be accomplished.

Then, it will be necessary to pass to that of the budgeting, i.e., the sum that each person will have to spend. In this budget, 6 important factors are to be taken into account.

  • Transportation: Do you plan to come to Lyon by bike or by public transportation? ?
  • Food : Lyon’s gastronomy is very famous. Depending on what you eat and what you prefer, your budget can go from 60 to 80.
  • Accommodation: The price depends on the location of the site and the choice of the hotel’hotel in Lyon. Plan on a minimum of 100 euros per person
  • Accessories and activities: They are an important part of the budget. Count a minimum of 30 euros per activity and per person but also a minimum of 20 euros for packs containing essential accessories for this day.
  • Unexpected events: Always keep a sum of 30 euros to cover superfluous expenses or last minute unexpected events.

The last step to organize a bachelor party is to plan the day. Lyon is a city that offers many services that will satisfy you and give you an incredible moment. For example, you can plan a walk in an urban park: the Tête D’or, but also admire the incredible views of the city by climbing on the roof of the Musée des Confluences, or take a special photo EVG.

When to start the preparations ?

Preparations start very early for the setting up of one or more bachelor party days. Most of the time, it takes 3 months. This allows you to get organized and to prepare yourself as well as to facilitate your organization so that you will not be caught short since things will not stop moving’to accelerate before the fixed date.

Regarding the appropriate time for this event, plan to do it in the month before the wedding or 3 weeks maximum before. This will allow the groom to relax and unwind before the big day. In general, weddings take place in the spring-summer period, but if it is to take place in winter and you have planned outdoor activities, then it is better to organize it a few weeks before when the weather is suitable.

The best time of the week is still the weekend to do an EVG because it will be much simple for people to find free time.

The EVG in Lyon: our advice for an unforgettable moment

To spend an unforgettable moment in Lyon, you can opt for an escape game that will please everyone. Young and old, apprentices and regulars, everyone will enjoy it. It allows guests to meet each other if they don’t know each other and to work together. In order to have fun and create strong bonds with the participants, you can also do a ninja course in Lyon.

This is a very interesting way to have a good time and a good laugh.