5 bathroom decorating tips

5 tips for decorating the bathroom

Because the bathroom is a room where the image you have of your home is most important’You spend a lot of time in the bathroom, it is important that’it is well decorated. Indeed, it’It helps us in the morning to find a certain contentment for the day. It allows us to have a’It is not systematic to be clean, to do your hair, to look after yourself’to have an impeccable oral hygiene and to correct some small skin defects. So to get in a good mood, as much as possible, you should’It is one of the first visions of the day is positive and pleasant and as it is very easy to plant’It is often the bathroom that the’You see first, it’s a very nice place to be’It is therefore this room that is most important to you’you’ll have to work at it.

Here are some decoration tips to enhance this place.

5 ideas for decorating the bathroom

The bathroom n’is not necessarily very easy to decorate because of the’high humidity compared to a smaller room’It is also very common to put a wall hanging in other rooms of your home, and also because it is very often the case that the wall is the only thing that can be used’The bathroom is a smaller room, yet it’s a place where you can’t get enough of the humidity’accumulates a lot of hygienic products. However, by providing a little’If you want to make an effort, it is possible to’make it a very pleasant place, especially by making a turn in the departments bathroom accessories. Here are our tips.

Playing with mirrors

To enlarge a room and see the light, you can put more’image that the’Nothing is better than mirrors in the bathroom. C’That’s why the’They are most often found in bathrooms, especially when you take a look at the shelves. S’It is very common if not very popular’is not systematically to Find a large mirror above the sink’sink, you can use more than one’It’s a good idea to put some of these on the wall, cut in different shapes than the rectangle, which is very common above the wall’sink. For example, why not put some in the shape of cactus, sun or flowers, according to your tastes and preferences ? If you put one in front of your mirror, it will be a perfect match’sinks, you can even see the mirror’It is not easy to decorate because of the back of your head and to style your hair accordingly. You can also choose mirrors with color, especially if the walls of your bathroom are painted.

C’is the’opportunity to make colorful combinations.

Daring plants

Some plants love to be in the bathroom’They will be perfect for a bathroom with a lot of humidity and will be perfect for a bathroom with a lot of humidity. Putting plants in this room allows you to save moneyaccentuate the mineral side that is deeply associated with it, while still keeping it fresh’brightening. C’It is also very practical to water them, since it is a very good way to keep the plants in the room’is the bathroom of your choice’water par excellence. You can put a plant hanging over the top of a table’a storage column for example. We particularly recommend Ceropegia woodii, which is a great choice for a bathroom’more commonly known as the chain of hearts.

Hyper Instagrammable, this plant is resistant and does not need to be removed’doesn’t need much space’maintenance. Its pretty heart-shaped leaves will give a romantic look to your bathroom. It will look best on a tall, bright piece of furniture like a storage column.

More daring, you can even make a kind of plant wall that will be very decorative and well highlighted in this room.

Dare plants

Use different materials

To add style to a bathroom, it can be interesting to play with materials. In fact, ordinary bathrooms all in tiles and mosaics are certainly quite practical since they have a lot to offer’they are not afraid of humidity’water, but it does not’s a place of intimacy par excellence, it remains that’they are a little sad and cold. For it is important to add a little warmth, You can choose furniture made of different materials such as wood, wood chips, etc. This is done a lot and reminds a little Scandinavian interiors if trendy. It is also possible to’Use marble, even if associated with tiles and mosaic, it will accentuate the cold side that is the main theme of the room’it will not break it.

After if the’we classically think of white when it comes to’It is not always obvious that marble is used, but it is important to know that this material is available in a variety of colors’other colors, the’you can choose a warmer color.

Think about the storage space

To avoid total chaos, it is important to have storage in your bathroom’To avoid total chaos, it is important to have storage space in your bathroom. Indeed, the mess is quickly arrived between shampoos, towels, brushes, sanitary products, toilet paper rolls (if your toilets are in the same room), etc. While storage units are primarily intended to be practical, they can also become a decorative element in their own right. Typically, you can install a rattan basket for your dirty laundry which is a beautiful object in itself and will make your bathroom warmer.

More creative, you can install a small decorative wooden ladder to put your various pots in evidence and find them easily. D’elsewhere, you can buy a set of pretty, uniform and original pots. The storage column is also very common, it will allow you to store your products, but also to use some shelves (if it is open) for more decorative purposes by installing some trinkets and plants for example.

Thinking well about storage

Working with light

It is not’is not always obvious to’to have a bright bathroom, some are even windowless. If they have it, it is important to’Avoid obstructing them to let the light through and evacuate the air’humidity. Nevertheless, the bathroom being an intimate place par excellence, it is not necessary to choose a model that is too small’It is not always easy to find the right solution’you are seen from the bathroom’exterior. Also, don’Therefore, do not hesitate to install a blind that blurs the light’inside, but lets the light through. If your bathroom is not equipped with a light fixture, you can use it’It is important to have enough storage space in the bathroom’You can also install a lighting system so that you don’t feel oppressed by the lighting’darkness.

You can install a lighted mirror above the ceiling’It can be used with a sink or a neon light that can be dimmed to create different types of food’atmosphere. Also install a sufficiently strong light on the ceiling and do not use marble’Do not hesitate to use it’to surround the bathroom’a more decorative suspension depending on the style you want to give your bathroom.