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How to arrange your balcony ?

Having a balcony offers a wide range of possibilities these days. Whether it is to display furniture, a small nest of rest or to install its plants, its mini vegetable garden and its flowers, it is the perfect place to improve the beauty of a house or an apartment. However, it is important to find the ideal arrangements to make your balcony very attractive. Because, if you try to do too much, you risk having the opposite effect.

So here are our recommendations for design your balcony to perfection.

Designing a narrow balcony

The design of your balcony, however small or narrow, depends on your expectations. The most important thing is that you like the space you are going to create, that it is pleasant to live in. In order to create a vegetable garden, install a relaxation area with benches and cushions or a place to have your meals, it all depends on your preference.

But you should know that you can make your balcony very pleasant to live on, whatever the chosen layout ! There are several ways to decorate a narrow balcony.

For the relaxation area, you can first dress the floor with wooden tiles or a synthetic grass to give your balcony a charm or to keep the floor intact if the tiles are not yet damaged. Then you will move on to the installation of furniture. Know that there are furniture perfectly suited to a narrow balcony.

From benches to folding chairs and small tables in circular or rectangular shape, you have a wide range of choices of furniture with a chic and discreet look suitable for narrow balconies. However, it will be necessary to really structure the space and have a clear idea of what you want or the desired result before you embark on such a change.

After the furniture stage, you can bet on the development of a green space or a vegetable garden even if you live in the middle of the city. Aromatic plants, flowers in a thousand colors, vegetables, all this will make your balcony unique and envied by all. Remember to choose plants that are resistant to the cold if you leave them all the time’year outside.

Moreover, you can opt for hanging plants or decorate the balcony railings with flowers. The colors with which you decorate your balcony must be in perfect harmony with your interior design.

How to arrange a small balcony ?

A small balcony can be cozy if it is’it is well organized. It all depends on the shape of your balcony: semi-circular, square, rectangular, narrow, wide, etc. It is enough to’adapt your furniture and equipment to your surroundings’optimize the’space. For this purpose, you will find furniture such as tables that can be placed on the balcony’You can choose from a wide range of tables that can be attached to the railing and that do not take up any floor space.

Then, opt for folding balcony chairs. The trend is towards mobile furniture such as sideboards and tables.

Creations for balconies based on pallets

A small balcony may not seem very useful, but it is possible to create a really nice space thanks to the creations based on wooden pallets. The two ideas that stand out are :

Flower and vegetable containers: to create a vegetable garden in the city center, there is nothing better than adapting your furniture to the space’a flower box made of pallets. If you don’t know which plants to have on your balcony because you are new to gardening, choose plants that require little maintenance’maintenance.

Benches and benches: benches made of pallets have become a must, no matter what size balcony you have. You can make a bench more or less high, or even a bench at ground level that can be used to display furniture or other items’cover with cushions. You will get a warm and comfortable atmosphere with your custom-made bench.

Setting up a vegetable garden on a balcony

A soil too strong or containing too many chemicals could attack your plants and ruin their chances to grow normally. It is also advisable toto arrange its vegetable garden between spring and summer either from April to June, because it is a very favorable period for their growth. Nevertheless, setting up a vegetable garden in the city center also requires a little knowledge of the plant calendar, because each plant has its own season.

Indeed, while some are favorable in autumn, others are more suitable for spring.