How to choose your men’s sneakers

Sneakers: shoes to have in his dressing

Sneakers are popular with men and women alike. This type of shoe has become the center of attention’a fashion phenomenon. Even the most recalcitrant followers of Oxfords succumb once they have seen a new shoe’they tried the sneakers.

And for good reason: these shoes are comfortable and we find models of all styles.

The sneakers: an essential of the wardrobe !

The sneaker has conquered the hearts of more than’a generation. C’is in the’origin a sport shoes whose function is diverted. Indeed, sneakers are worn daily, but are not necessarily adapted to the practice of sports’a sport activity.

The Converse All Star is a fashion phenomenon’elsewhere’one of the first sneakers on the market. This type of model is not’They are not at all designed for sport, but for the body’The opposite of some fitness models that are nevertheless worn like city shoes.

The sneaker is the shoe that’they are worn every day to be comfortable and trendy. Among the family of sneakers, we have: the sneaker (Air Jordan, Adidas Superstar), the tennis, the fitness model, indoor, cross training, skate and running. The border between performance and lifestyle sneakers is fragile since some models like the Adidas Ultra Boost are created for athletes, but are worn by city dwellers..

What are the must-have models of the moment ?

Like all fast fashion products, sneakers are subject to trends. At the moment, the must-have models for men are the Air Jordan 3 Cardinal and the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG as you can see on https://www.sneakerstyle.en/, a reference site in terms of sneaker trends.

We also find the Balenciaga Runner sneakers available in three colors. The Air Jordan Low 1 Travis Scott x Fragment sneakers are in vogue, with their very particular design. The brand Vans n’Ston is not to be outdone with its collaboration with Palace.

Skate Authentic salmon, black or white sneakers are adorned with’a Jeremy The Duck pattern for a playful side. We continue with the Supreme x Nike Air Max 96 sneakers available in three colors: black, white, camouflage print. Finally, Converse remains at the top of the trends thanks to its association with Kim Jones and offers the sneakers model Chuck 70.

For a more classic look, we stay on a safe model like the Nike Dunk Low Grey Frog.

How to choose your sneakers ?

The sneakers are casual, original and classy shoes which remain very comfortable. Usually made in limited editions, they are often sold out’object of collections. Very practical thanks to their comfort, we can walk, dance and do sports with them according to the models.

Finally, they have become a’integrates with n’It’s a great way to make any outfit fit your style.

A sneaker is composed of’a heel, a toe cap and a toe box’an insole, a toe cap and a heel’an outer sole, a’an upper, of’an upper, neighborhoods and’a protective toe cap. To choose your sneakers, you will have to take into account several criteria: the different types of models, the cut, the material, the color, the size and the price.

As for the cut, you have three possibilities: the low, medium or high sneaker. The height of the sneakers has an important impact on the final style. In addition, for men of small size, it is preferable to wear a dresser’forget the high sneakers to the’American that will weigh down the silhouette. In terms of material, you have the choice between :

  • Leather : robust, flexible and elegant.
  • Canvas: for a casual style, easy to maintain.
  • Cotton : light and breathable, perfect in summer.
  • The wool: thermal insulation, ideal in winter.
  • Velvet: smooth or ribbed, velvet is warm and elegant.
  • The nylon: resistant materials.
  • Suede: this material is very chic, but requires a rather constraining maintenance.

What colors to choose when choosing your sneakers ? White, grey and beige are the most popular colors. If you are afraid of getting your shoes dirty quickly, opt for brown or black, which are however colors more suitable for formal wear. Finally, if you want to’Dare to go for a pair of sneakers with patterns or brightly colored.

How to choose your sneakers?

The choice of your sneakers also depends on your clothing habits. In fact, low top sneakers are not the best choice’The choice of your sneakers also depends on your clothing habits, according to several criteria: the size of the TV, the size of the furniture, the size of the shoes, the size of the shoes, the size of the shoes, etc. On the other hand, high top sneakers give a more casual look and you can tuck your pants in to create a break.

Finally, to perfect your choice, there are some fashion rules: do not wear a light bottom with dark sneakers, moderate the gangsta style of sneakers to the’In addition, for small men, it is preferable to wear sober American clothes, wear modern pants to reduce the size of the body’sport effect of running sneakers, avoid massive sneakers with slim jeans or fit to not weigh down the silhouette. Finally, if you have a real crush on a model, go for it !