3 tips for choosing an Ehpad according to Marc-Henri Becade

3 tips for choosing an Ehpad according to Marc-Henri Becade

Founding president of the gerontological health network Géronto-82 and former director of an EHPAD, Marc-Henri Bécade tells us 3 tips for choosing an EHPAD.

Who is Marc-Henri Bécade ?

Marc-Henri Bécade is a hard worker who doesn't count his time to reach his goals. And it took him a lot of energy to turn around the Three Lakes Residence in 2003. With dilapidated premises and a lack of human and financial resources, this geriatric facility near a small village in the Tarn-et-Garonne region was on the verge of suffocating.

His experiences have shown him that he knows how to deal with two limitations: time and energy. If every decision was guided by these limits, it is a challenge that he was able to take up with brilliance and it is a real resurrection that he offered to this EHPAD.

Who is Marc-Henri Bécade?

Thanks to a renegotiation of the loan rates, the establishment has seen its debt decrease by nearly 4 million euros. At the same time, the EHPAD's cash flow was consolidated following the implementation of effective and more economical actions such as the change of subcontractors' contracts, the computerization of the care file, the implementation of telemedicine… The results were quickly visible with a 1st very positive external evaluation in January 2015.

He worked for the financial recovery of the geriatric establishment, but also for the well-being of the residents and the quality of care provided. Marc-Henri Bécade was able to attract nurses and a coordinating doctor is now present in the residence on a one-third basis. The acquisition of recent and more suitable equipment (patient lift, shower bed, etc.) has improved the comfort of patients and the work of hospital staff.

The premises have been renovated and are now up to safety standards (change of the fire system, installation of access ramps, modernization of the elevators…).

With a project centered on the well-being of patients, the elderly residents of the EHPAD des Trois Lacs now live in a modern and secure environment. The improvement of their living environment is out of all proportion to the implementation of new activities, such as painting exhibitions, psychomotricity workshops or the construction of a health trail to preserve their autonomy.

It must be said that Marc-Henri Bécade is a A man with a prestigious and accomplished career who knows his field expertly. Educational director in medicine, graduate of a Master 2 in health and social structures with honors and valedictorian. He is now also a professor of economics and law at a prestigious high school in Toulouse. He was in charge of training future medical and social directors at the Toulouse Business School. He was also in charge of corporate affairs at the PARIBAS bank in Toulouse.

He has financed various projects in astronomy with observation satellites, a camel dome or has allowed the growth of intermediate size companies.

This eclectic workaholic has an inexhaustible thirst for learning, he wants to know and understand everything, not only for himself but also to pass on his knowledge. His unquenchable thirst for learning remains one of his main driving forces. His motivation and his unfailing curiosity push him to invest himself as well in the associative life as in the life of his commune, in particular through his mandate of municipal councillor of the city of Montauban at the age of only 26 years.

His experiences, his adaptability and his determination to succeed have made him recognized by his peers and families as an example in the medico-social sector, but also in the field of consulting and management.

Choosing your EHPAD: Marc-Henri Bécade's advice

Today, his more than positive assessment leads him to share his experience as director of EHPAD in a book that he will publish soon. But, in the meantime, it delivers three tips for choosing an EHPAD.

Choosing your EHPAD: Marc-Henri Bécade's advice

The well-being of the elderly

The well-being of the residents is of course an absolute priority. Check the presence of associated services as well as the qualifications of the personnel: physiotherapists, pedicurist, psychomotricist, speech therapist, dentist, etc. Either in a medical house near the establishment, or by setting up a facilitated intervention system.

In the same way, the activities and animations must be numerous and the services of quality.

Gerontotechnology: technology at the service of geriatrics

Far from breaking the social link, digital technology brings people together. Favour retirement homes equipped with Wi-Fi so that residents can interact with their loved ones via Skype for example. The Internet connection helps to break the feeling of isolation of the elderly and maintains the link with the outside world.

Technological innovation and digital tools are essential for the good mental and cognitive health of residents. Thanks to the applications and different activities accessible through digital technology (cognitive stimulation tools, music listening, interactive quizzes, music therapy, various lights, snoezelen space…) residents can maintain and stimulate their cognitive abilities.

Modern facilities and improved working conditions

The last tip is an obvious one, but one that should be emphasized: a The last tip is an obvious one, but one that needs to be emphasized, who works in good conditions is much more efficient and conscientious. The facilities must be modern, the buildings adapted and secured, and the teams qualified to ensure an optimal continuity of care ! Marc-Henri Bécade insists on the supervision of the triptych director, coordinating doctor and nurse referent who give a positive impetus to the caregivers and guarantee benevolence, good treatment and a quality service.