Shoeing with a hallux valgus

Shoeing with a hallux valgus

Constantly solicited, the feet are often subject to numerous pains. Among these, we note in particular the’hallux valgus, also called bunion. Considered as the’one of the most common ailments in the world’It would painfully affect about 9% of the French population.

In addition to’handicaps walking, when’it s’aggravates, it is characterized by a difficulty to find adapted shoes. Here is how to put on your shoes if you suffer from’hallux valgus.

What’is it’a hallux valgus ?

L’hallux valgus is a name composed of hallux, which refers to the big toe, and valgus, which comes from Latin and means « wobbly ». Still called a bunion, it is the’acts of’A deformity of the big toe towards the others, which causes a protrusion on the outer part of the base of the thumb. If this anomaly causes a complex in many people, it can also be a problem for some cause a lot of pain and make it impossible to wear certain types of shoes.

It is also characterized by ingrown toenails, redness, stiffness, callus (thickening of the skin), inflammation of the bursa, etc. If it generally appears around the forties or fifties, it can also appear between 15 and 20 years of age in case of hereditary transmission.

To get an idea of the severity of the problem, it is generally necessary to have a medical examination Based on the deviation of the’toe. If it can form an angle of less than 20° In the most benign cases, it goes up to’à 40° for moderate cases. However, it can go beyond 40° For the most severe bunions, this can lead to a total dislocation of the joint’joint of the’hallux.

To avoid this, it is advisable to turn to specialized stores to find orthopedic shoes for the first time’s first symptoms appearômy. Wearing orthopedic shoes will reduce the pressure and relieve your pain.

If you don’t react quickly and the toe becomes stiff, you may have a problem’If a bunion causes complications, the only effective solution is to turn to surgery. This is usually done under local anesthesia. There are essentially three types of shoes’intervention:

  • l’arthrodesis : c’is the one used if your bunion is due to a fungus’arthritis ;
  • l’Osteotomy: for this operation, the doctor will use screws or pins to secure the toes’joint ;
  • l’exostectomy: this method consists of removing a small amount of fat from the skin’bones of the’s joint’hallux.

Regardless of which of the most common’If you have to undergo an intervention, it will take you about a month and a half to recover.

hallux valgus shoe

What are the causes of’hallux valgus ?

If the’hallux valgus can be due to many factors, the wearing unsuitable shoes It is undoubtedly the most common problem’Whatever one of the most common causes of this pain is. It is’The problem is caused, for example, by shoes that have high heels, are too tight or have a narrow toe. Indeed, the’narrowness of the toes causes compression of the toe joints.

Also, the height of the heels causes the weight to swing towards the body’It is also characterized by redness, stiffness, callus (thickening of the skin), inflammation of the bursa, etc’toe articulation. Compressed in the shoes, the toe is not able to move’The joint ends up stiffening due to lack of movement’activity. Wearing shoes that are too worn out or of poor quality can also be the cause of a bunion’a bunion.

In 1 out of 4 cases, research has also shown that the procedure is more effective than the one used in the past’bunion could be inherited. Also, people with flat feet or Egyptian feet (second toe shorter than the first) are more prone to. L’Arthritis, menopause and poliomyelitis also promote the development of the disease’hallux valgus.

L’obesity, which requires an excessive pressure The use of the toes is also a risk factor for osteotomy’bunion. In more than 90% of the cases, it is women who are affected by this disease, which is the most common’The reason for this is that their joints are much more flexible.

What shoes to wear in case of a bunion’hallux valgus ?

L’one of the first remedies for’The best way to prevent hallux valgus is to wear shoes that fit properly. These must be flexible, resistant and of very good quality.

The materials used for the making of the bunion

If you suffer from’If you have a bunion on your feet, refrain from wearing shoes made of rigid materials. These will hurt if they come in contact with the growths. Patent leather and plastic should be avoided. Instead, always choose soft materials.

It is important that your shoes perfectly fit the shape of your feet, if you want to avoid a slipped foot’they are comfortable.

Quite resistant, braided or stretchy leather for example, is an excellent choice. The same goes for textiles, stretch and mesh. As for the rubber, it is to be preferred for the external soles because it is a very good material’It is generally a guarantee of quality and safety’They are not recommended for people with balance problems, thanks to their anti-slip properties.

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The height of the heels

High heels are not recommended for people who suffer from balance problems’onion. However, this does not mean that you should rush to flat shoes. In fact, they are not recommended for people with balance problems’The problem with being self-employed is finding clients who are willing to put their trust in you tendon inflammations.

Even if they have the right size’They are not very protective, do not support your feet and may not be comfortable, so you should not wear basic tennis shoes, flat sandals or ballet flats. The same goes for flip-flops. The latter are not very protective, do not support your feet and may not be comfortable’cause injuries to your hallux valgus.

It could then be a problem’This can lead to a worsening of the phenomenon, and an increase in pain.

As for the ideal height of the heels, it is about 2 cm for men. For women, it should be between 2 and 5 cm.

The models to choose

If you suffer from’hallux valgus, comfort must be your key word. So opt for orthopedic shoes, large enough to fit’before. Slippers and running shoes are indicated for example.

Also, when the need arises, n’Do not hesitate to put silicone protectors in your shoes. Discreet, they will limit friction. For women who want to remain elegant, wedge heels are also an interesting alternative. Able to’They are shock-absorbing and give you stability.

Also make sure that you always buy shoes that match the size of your business’activity you are engaged in.