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Blepharoplasty in Paris: what techniques to use’eyelid surgery ?

Blepharoplasty is a word composed of the Greek “blepharon” meaning “eyelid” and “plastie” meaning “to form”. Blepharoplasty is therefore eyelid surgery. If you have a complex about your eyes and want to rejuvenate them, you have probably already heard about this cosmetic surgery which is done a lot in Paris. We explain in more detail what this surgical operation consists of, and in particular which techniques are used !

Qu’Is blepharoplasty ?

The blepharoplasty refers to all surgical operations that affect the eyelids. This eyelid surgery affects the eyes: this is why it is important to be well informed before having a blepharoplasty in Paris and to choose your surgeon carefully. You should also know that only a doctor specialized in surgery, therefore a doctor of medicine, can conduct this kind of operation.

In reality, there are two types of eyelid surgery. On the one hand, we talk about functional or reconstructive surgery, on the other hand, we talk about aesthetic blepharoplasty.

  • Eyelid repair surgery is intended for people who have been in an accident, burned, or who have suffered an injury and whose eyelids need to be “rebuilt”, particularly to allow good vision. Functional eyelid surgery is used to repair the eyes and the Health Insurance participates in its financing.
  • Aesthetic blepharoplasty, on the other hand, concerns surgical operations that aim to change your look for aesthetic purposes. And be careful, this is not necessarily a less legitimate reason: some patients feel so complexed by their eyes that once their eyes are rejuvenated, they are in better physical and mental health. Cosmetic surgery does not have to be devalued, as long as it is done by a doctor and that’it makes you feel better. We advise you to choose a practitioner in Paris who is an expert in oculoplastic surgery (aesthetic eye surgery) and who is used to these operations. He will be able to give your eyes a natural look and will propose the technique best adapted to your needs.

What are the different techniques used ?

There are many reasons to consult a surgeon in Paris eyelid surgeon in Paris. In aesthetic blepharoplasty, the reasons for frequent consultation are, for example, the presence of too many dark circles or bags under the eyes, drooping eyelids, sagging features due to aging, the impression that the eyes are too closed, etc. Note that there is no shame in making an appointment with a doctor of cosmetic surgery to talk about your eyelids: patients who take this approach are generally complexed by their eyes, do not see anything else on photos or in the mirror, and a good surgeon in Paris knows how important it is to feel good about your body.

The reasons for consultation are diverse – and this is logical, each look is different – and the techniques used are just as diverse. Trust your doctor to determine with you what is best for you. Small overview :

  • First of all, you should know that you can have an upper blepharoplasty (of the two eyelids that cover the eye from above), a lower blepharoplasty (here we modify the lower eyelids), or touch all four eyelids at the same time. The techniques will not be the same.
  • When the upper eyelids are affected, the aim is to enlarge the eyes by removing the excess skin that causes them to droop. A surgeon can then use the “pinch blepharoplasty” technique.
  • When we modify the lower eyelids, we can try to remove the bags under the eyes and therefore remove the fat, for example with the laser scalpel: we talk about bag removal.
  • There is also addition blepharoplasty, also called lipofilling: here, we do not remove, but rather add a little bit of fat to give youthfulness to the eyes (because aging tends to hollow out the face). This has the advantage of giving a natural look to the retouched look, and it is not covered by the health insurance’is very important !

What is the price of’such a surgery ?

The eyelid surgery, like all cosmetic surgery, is not covered by the Health Insurance: you will have to finance your operation. It is difficult to give a price for an eyelid surgery, because it will depend on the doctor you choose, your request, the technique that will be necessary, the complexity of your situation, the type of blepharoplasty considered, etc.

However, to give you an idea, a surgery of the lower eyelids or the upper eyelids will rarely cost less than 1500 euros. Touching the four eyelids, a heavier operation, will cost a minimum of 3500 euros.

To know the price of a blepharoplasty, and especially how much it will cost you in your particular case, we advise you to ask a doctor for an estimate. After a consultation that allows you to get to know each other, to formulate your wishes and to understand the techniques that the doctor will use to beautify your look, you will have the price to pay for your own operation !