How to improve the daily life of your grandparents

How to improve the daily life of your grandparents ?

Despite the loss of’Many seniors prefer to stay in their own homes rather than be cared for in their own homes’in an institution. There are certain methods to improve the daily life of your grandparents in order to make it more enjoyable safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable.

What can you do to improve the daily life of your grandparents? ?

If elderly loved ones are losing their independence’autonomy wish to age at home, means must be made available to them as far as possible. The most important arrangement is for safety and mobility of elderly people in their homes. Stairlifts at are, for example, able to adapt to the needs of your grandparents, in order to improve their daily life.

Find here all the answers to your questions about the cost of such an installation.

A staircase service’home help

The use of home services is a solution increasingly used for facilitate the daily life of seniors. When older people are no longer able to care for themselves, they may be able to do so’To accomplish simple tasks of daily life, they can call upon a home help. Prior to such an accompaniment, a needs analysis can be conducted with the persons to be assisted, or their environment.

Depending on the level of dependence and the needs identified by the established assessments, different profiles of caregivers are available’A home help is likely to meet the expectations of the people concerned. A home help intervenes directly with the person for l’to help them to face their daily tasks. In addition to’The main difference between these professions is that if elderly relatives are losing their independence, it is safer, more comfortable and more pleasant to have them cared for by home care workers, health care workers or nurses’assistance and supervision during the day and at night for people who need care.

Social workers are the most qualified and have a wide range of skills’relatively broad interventions, but generally life assistants, caregivers and domestic helpers perform the same tasks for the elderly. The main difference between these professions lies in the fact that they are not all the same’s more intimate approach to life’caregiver.

A stairlift

A stairlift is the’one of the most important tools for domestic use in the elderly. If they have mobility problems or need to be moved’In order to improve the daily life of the grandparents, it is possible to install a balance. This allows them to going up and down stairs to the’inside as well as out’outside. There are mainly two categories of stairlifts, namely

  • The straight stairlift for non-curved stairs, which differs mainly by the length of the rail. Of course, the standard devices can be customized with various elements.
  • The curved stairlift: when you need it’staircase forms a curved path, the standard straight rail n’A stairlift is not suitable and the stairlift has to be custom made to fit’adapt to the cage of’staircase.

L’purchase and the’s installation’The installation of such a device in a residence for the elderly can give right to certain tax advantages and subsidies if the person is not in a position to do so’equipment and the’The user must meet certain requirements. A reduced VAT of 5.5% is available’This applies in particular to stairlifts if certain conditions are met.

A facility in the bathroom

Bathrooms are among the most dangerous rooms for seniors. Slippery floors, tight spaces and lack of support make some tasks difficult for older people.

Safety is the key’main objective bathrooms designed specifically for the elderly. By installing non-slip flooring, for example, you can ensure the safety of the elderly and turn their bathroom into a safe space. This minimize the risk of falls as much as possible, l’one of the main causes of’accidents among seniors.

An installation in the bathroom

Keep in touch with your elders

Despite all the measures taken to make their home a safe and comfortable space, there is still one important point to improve the daily life of his grandparents: to take news from them. It is not only a question of taking precautions regarding their physical condition, it is also important to regularly check on them so that they are not left alonethey do not feel alone and excluded.

You mean a lot to your grandparents, perhaps even more than their own children. Not only are they interested in your life and very curious, but they also have a lot of advice to offer, which they will be happy to share with you. Keeping in touch with your grandparents is the best way to improve their daily lives, but don’t do it only by phone: think about visiting them from time to time.