Bloom Wild get flowers delivered easily

Bloom Wild: easy flower delivery

Flowers are often associated with celebration: Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birth, wedding, anniversary, Christmas, etc. They accompany us through the seasons and special events, becoming our accomplices. Delicate, beautiful and fragrant, they bring nothing but joy to the home.

Florists who know the particularities of each flower, who create breathtaking floral arrangements, take care of these delicious friends and are therefore purveyors of joy. Some of them, anxious to bring more and more joy, have developed on the web and offer a delivery service, to facilitate the sharing. This is the case with Bloom&Wild that we present to you in this article.

Presentation of the Bloom brand&Wild

Bloom&Wild is a flower delivery service, established both everywhere in France and in Great Britain. The concept is to order pretty flowers, then have them delivered to create surprise and emotion. The flowers are arranged in a pretty, long pink box with a very elaborate design, looking like a real precious box.

Their motto ? “Flowers delivered with love. Indeed, each flower that they take care to deliver with love, are themselves messengers of love to the person who receives them.

The caring service of’to be present for every holiday also offers advice’buy a mini christmas tree and wreaths, allowing you to light up your home for the holidays. The tree is an essential accessory around which the household will gather to celebrate the joy of seeing each other at Christmas.

What are the services offered by Bloom&Wild ?

Behind Bloom&Wild, they are above all florists who make country bouquets, that we will have pleasure to make enthroned well in evidence at home. As such, these florists can be described as artists, and Bloom&Wild of beauty and creation promoter.

However, the brand has also grown around a number of other products’a free delivery service, proposing to take care of transmitting the attention that represents the fact of offering a bouquet. They take care of reducing the distance that can separate individuals, facilitate the delivery of flowers and create joy. Each shipment is accompanied by a booklet with tips on how to compose and care for your bouquet.

The brand also offers a consulting service, which is very useful for beginners.

The products of the brand

The brand offers two main types of products ready-made bouquets and DIY bouquets.

Ready-made bouquets are assembled by the brand’s florists, ready to be chosen and sent. Made with love, they are made of fresh and seasonal flowers. All of them have an affectionate name reminding us that they have been pampered by their creator and deserve to be pampered by their recipient.

Their names are Lola, Greta, Victoria, Hélène, Jeanne, Clara, Astrid, Lina, Ambre, etc. and bring with them a festival of flamboyant colors that will sublimate the place where they will be. Some bouquets are also designed especially for certain occasions, and are therefore even more personalized. For example, right now, the Clara bouquet designed especially for Christmas comes in a Christmas box, not the classic box.

The brand's products

DIY bouquets are do-it-yourself, but with the help of a florist who will select the flowers for your bouquet. It’s all about choosing a unique flower combinations, then have the buttons sent to grow these flowers at home. This will allow you to see them grow and evolve into the magnificent bouquet they are destined to become to embellish your home. Some DIY bouquets are also designed for special occasions, like the Best Wishes bouquet currently on sale on the website.

This one comes with a chocolate bar to share during the holidays.

The products of the brand

Besides these two main offers, there are other products such as dried flower bouquets, plants, and for Christmas mini trees and wreaths.

A way to decorate your home for the holidays

Flowers are the best way toto accompany a celebration, adaptable to any type of event. For example, they will allow you to decorate your apartment for Christmas or your house, thanks to their multiple and subtle colors. Imagine a pretty bouquet of red flowers as the site currently sells them framed with green leaves, matching perfectly with your garlands and tree balls. These flowers will also give off an exquisite scent, which will fill the room with joy.

In addition, the brand also offers wreaths and Christmas trees to brighten up your home for the holidays.

The brand has also developed a range of gift sets that are particularly interesting for the holidays. They include both the bouquet, but also a little extra attention that can take the form of a cream, cookies, chocolates, a bottle of wine, a card, a special packaging. In other words, there is a significant variety of ways to show your love through these creative bouquets.