Exfoliating your beard How and why to exfoliate

Exfoliating your beard: How and why to exfoliate ?

You have certainly heard that it is important to use scrubs and exfoliating products on your skin. The goal is to cleanse impurities, open the pores etc. Taking care of your skin in bulk ! On this point, we all agree.

What about the beard ? Why do we talk about exfoliating our beard? ? It is not a torture session at least ? But, no, rest assured.

Using scrubs and exfoliants on your beard is very beneficial for your skin and hair. It takes very little time and guarantees a healthy, strong and shiny beard.

The skin under the beard needs special attention. It is often neglected because as we already take care of our beard, the skin also benefits from it and it manages with what we give it ! Well, it is not very nice for the skin, it will have to remedy that.

Ready ? Here we go !

Why exfoliate the skin under the beard ?

The skin is a living organ, which lives and dies every day to renew itself tirelessly. Cleaning it is essential to remove dead skin, dirt, impurities that are deposited every day.

If you don’t do this, there is a good chance (or risk, depending on how you look at it) that your skin will become irritated and dandruff will appear.

It is clear that the skin under the beard is not the easiest area to access, especially if you have a dense and full beard.

However, we invite you to pay special attention to your beard, as this can help you avoid many inconveniences.

What are the benefits of exfoliation ?

To make a gumming for the beard allows to :

  • Stimulate epidermal cells and promote cell renewal;
  • Accelerate hair growth and regrowth on healthy skin;
  • Remove the impurities stuck to the surface of the skin;
  • To remove dead skin which, left there, can be responsible for dandruff (greasy or dry for that matter) ;
  • Better penetrate the care products used such as beard balm, beard oil, moisturizing action of shampoo etc.

As you can read, there are many benefits to using an exfoliating treatment. Your skin, like your beard, benefits greatly. And, it is well known, the healthier your skin is, the more beautiful and healthy your beard is ! Everything is linked, it is not’There is no mystery or miracle trick.

What products to use to exfoliate your beard ?

The exfoliating treatment you are about to apply to your beard must be specially designed for this purpose. Do not use a classic exfoliating product that is applied to bare skin. To be effective, you must choose a scrub adapted to beards.

Simply put, a fine-grain scrub is great for bare skin, while a thick-grain scrub is great for dry skin’more suitable for a beard.

For the composition, we advise you to turn to a scrub made with vegetable oils and natural ingredients such as apricot kernels, nuts etc.

How to apply an exfoliating treatment on your beard ?

Very simply, beard scrub is applied this way:

  • We start by cleaning our beard with a special shampoo;
  • Put a small amount of exfoliating cream in the palm of your hand and apply it to the entire beard;
  • Massage the beard vigorously and thoroughly until you reach the skin underneath. She is the main one concerned. Massage and rub the skin for 1 minute;
  • Rinse the beard thoroughly with clear water;
  • Clean your beard again with a special shampoo. This step is important to remove all the residues of care. Then, dry the beard;
  • Finish by applying a beard oil or beard balm to nourish and moisturize the hair and skin. Rid of impurities, these care products will be even more effective.

How often should you exfoliate your beard? ?

Whether your beard is short or long, exfoliating care makes no difference, it’s for everyone. No jealousy !

The scrub should be applied to your beard once a week. Take advantage of your shower to do this treatment. Easy, quick, you don’t waste time.

Exfoliating treatments should not be done too often, as they may have the opposite effect of what you are looking for. A scrub done too often would do more harm than good.