Citadium the new streetwear store in Lille

Citadium Lille: the store for a streetwear style

Citadium, c’is the’young people with a streetwear look. There are nine stores in France, including one in Lille. Opened in 2021, it’s a’is the last physical store to open its doors.

Here is everything you need to know’you need to know about Citadium Lille: address, opening hours, access, brands distributed, etc.

Qu’What is Citadium ?

Citadium is a brand of the famous Printemps Group. To the’Originally, Printemps was focused on fashion and beauty, but in 2000, the subsidiary Citadium was launched. C’is therefore a store that offers lifestyle streetwear items The choice of the umbrella is therefore made more according to the practicality and the price: pants, jogging suits, sneakers, shoes, jackets, jackets, necklaces, bags, etc.

Men aged 15 to 25 are the main target, although women are increasingly included in the customer base. Citadium offers hundreds of references intended for a female public. Despite a mixed launch in 2000 with the Caumartin store, Citadium Paris managed to make a success of itself after a commercial turnaround in 2007.

In addition, since 2012, the online store was created as part of the digitalization of companies.

From now on, Citadium is not only a set of stores, but also a place to shop’is also a place of’exchange. The stores hosts various events such as product launches, concerts, contests, street-art exhibitions, etc. C’has become the “temple of the Millenials” for fans of streetwear fashion. Some outlets have table footballs and photo booths, enough to make a real outing with friends !

What are the brands at Citadium Lille ?

The Lille store was supposed to open in 2020, but the’The opening date has been postponed to March 20, 2021. Unfortunately, the confinement does not’has not allowed this launch. This n’It’s just a matter of postponing it ! In the meantime, here is what’You know about the brands distributed in the Citadium Lille store:

  • The main brands will be sold like in all the other Citadium stores in France (Adidas, Nike, Obey, Levi’s Converses, Carhartt Wip, Tommy Jeans, etc). These are the best men’s brands for a successful streetwear look.
  • You will find clothes and accessories for men, women and footwear. Men’s casual wear as well as all the items to enhance men’s (and women’s) clothing style will be on the shelves !

Let’s add that Citadium takes into account the favorite brands of the inhabitants of Lille and wishes to solicit the local collectives to “bring the place to life”’(after the Citadium communication officer).

Where is Citadium Lille ?

Citadium Lille is part of a new offer’a project that goes beyond the’sign : The 31 Lille. Indeed, the’The opening of the Citadium store has been thought in the framework of other events’an urban and commercial project. The goal: to rethink shopping for the Millennial generation.

Thus, d’other brands such as Decathlon City are to open their doors.

The store revitalizes the city center and takes place in the heart of the city 31 rue Béthune. This street is thought for the young generations and there is a wall of’climbing, coworking spaces, an escape game, a street food restaurant and the Okko Hotel concept. The front of the store represents the new architectural concept of Citadium.

We bet on sobriety and brightness with a glass front.

L’In the meantime, here are some indications about the new Citadium store:

  • A surface of 1200 m² to welcome the customers.
  • Easy access by public transport.
  • A store in the heart of’a dynamic district, redesigned for young people.

My opinion on Citadium Lille

I can’t give you an opinion since the store is not open yet’is not yet open. Nevertheless, I think the concept is great. A neighborhood developed for the millennial generation, with workspaces, entertainment venues, restaurants, etc allows to boost Lille which is already a student city. We finally adapt the’The youngest are the ones who consume the most !