The benefits of lactic ferments

The benefits of lactic ferments

Lactic ferments are part of the large family of probiotics. These are micro-organisms that are known for their many benefits to the body. They play an essential role in digestion and the body’s defense system.

A course of lactic ferments will promote intestinal transit and prevent certain ailments.

The role of lactic ferments

Lactic acid fermentation is a process widely used in the food industry. It is notably used for the manufacture of fermented dairy products, yoghurts, cheeses, fermented vegetables, pickles and other products such as sausages. They are able to transform sugars such as lactose, fructose or sucrose into lactic acid. It acts as a natural preservative by limiting the proliferation of pathogens. Lactic ferments are present in certain organisms, the intestine, the mouth, the skin, the lungs, the genital tract.

Lactic ferments are attracting a lot of interest from the scientific community.

The interest of lactic ferments

Researchers have shown that lactic acid bacteria supplementation could be an asset in the fight against chronic inflammatory bowel disease. A sedentary lifestyle, stress, antibiotics and a diet rich in fats can weaken the intestinal flora. To give it a boost, dairy products containing lactic ferments and probiotics are particularly recommended.

As a dietary supplement, lactic ferments are available in the form of powder or capsules. It is important to follow the dosage and seek the advice of a health professional. The benefits of these micro-organisms are multiple and very beneficial for our health.

Our intestinal flora is populated by more than a hundred billion bacteria. Lactic ferments will destroy the pathogens that can cause certain diseases. Lactic ferments are excellent for the proper functioning of our body, so do not hesitate to consume them.