5 tips for choosing colors for men’s clothing

5 tips for choosing colors for men’s clothing

For most men, color matching for dressing is a big issue. It is an art and not everyone is born an artist.

Although the detail we look at first is the cut of the clothes we wear, we are mostly interested in how the colors of the clothes have been associated. Look good, by combining the right colors of clothes, n’is not always easy and you need a helping hand.

Do you have trouble finding the right colors to match your clothes in order to look presentable? ? Are you looking for tips and tricks to make it easier.

It’s important to make a good impression, through what you wear, and to know how to dress well. The way we dress expresses our personality.

Here are some tips to manage to associate appropriately the colors of your clothes:

  • Put into practice the 3 color rule;
  • Use cameo colors;
  • Thinking about the monochromatic look;
  • Wear dark on light;
  • Choose simple colors.

Apply the 3-color rule

If you want to be able to combine the colors of the clothes you wear, the first rule you must respect is the 3-color rule.

According to this rule, a well-made outfit often does not include no more than 3 categories of contrasting colors, except for the shoes. To give an example, red and green are contrasting, i.e. far apart in the color wheel.

You can use this rule to dress appropriately. If you decide to wear less than 3 different color categories, you will have a sober and minimalist look. If you go beyond 3, it will be incoherent if you don’t master the adequate association.

Most of the elegant looks we see are usually composed of 3 basic colors, or 2 basic colors and a strong color.

Yes, it’s not just about choosing 3 colors, but choosing them well. Don’t try to wear clothes with colors like red, apple green and purple.

The basic colors you can choose are black, white, gray or dark brown, navy blue, dark green, Camel… With regard to dark colors, opt for colors, such as red, green, blue, yellow…

Below we suggest some colors, according to three types of clothing:

  • Use brown, navy blue, Belgian, which are easy colors to wear for your pants;
  • In the case of a jacket, opt for a more original color without taking too many risks;
  • When it comes to sweaters, you can take colors, such as dark blue, ash color.

Use cameo colors

The “cameo” is a way of calling the colors that are used to create the look gradient colors or that have a similar hue. When we talk about a cameo of blue, we mean a color that combines dark blue, blue-gray, light blue and medium blue.

It can be much easier for you to build outfits, with blue, grey or brown cameo colors. These are the most encountered. If you decide to do this, you can wear more than 3 colors, because the eye does not usually assimilate them to different colors.

The cameo is not a difficult type of color to master. It allows you to build outfits of a single color, but you also have the option of combine a cameo, with one or two other contrasting colors. This gives you a seamless look that combines complexity with interesting effects.

Thinking about the monochromatic look

Another easy look to adopt is the monochromatic one. It’s perfect for you if you want to dress well and simply, but you don’t know how to do it.

Before we talk about it, it’s important to note that, it is not recommended to wear a monochrome look all year round. It is indeed a very convenient all-purpose look. It is tempting to do only that.

You can adopt a look with entirely navy blue or black on white sneakers. It’s beautiful, presentable and convenient, but it won’t help you find your own style balance. You won’t be able to gain confidence either, by trying other colors that are out there.

If you adopt a monochrome look, pay attention to the material of your clothes as well as the textures used. There are several colors, such as duck green, that don’t lend themselves to a monochromatic style.

Know how to choose the color to use in a look like this and do not overuse it. Take risks from time to time and challenge yourself constantly.

This is the only way you can create interest around you with your outfits. For an additional tip, avoid black monochrome for work or a job interview.

Think dark on light

This is an important and very simple rule, but not well known by the world. It’s all about wearing dark on light. The deepest layer must imperatively be the clearest.

When we talk about a deep layer, we mean the one underneath your clothes. For example, if you want to wear a medium blue jacket, avoid wearing a navy blue shirt or a black t-shirt or a grey sweater.

The dark on light look looks good more satisfying than a light on dark look. There are some exceptions. For some types of looks, light on dark can work well.

Wearing a navy turtleneck with light colored pants can be a good idea. You can also wear a dark outfit under a light coat, if the latter is contrasting.

Choose simple colors

Another way to dress well is to opt for a look with simple colors: dress well, but simply. It can be difficult to figure out what color combinations to adopt from the many colors that exist.

It’s also a real waste of time for most men. To avoid this, choose simple but effective colors.

For a man, the simplest color is navy bluee. The latter easily blends in with all other existing colors.

It is an elegant color that suits all possible shades. If you have to choose a simple color to adopt, it would be interesting for you to opt for navy blue.

Some bonus tips

In addition to the 5 tips we’ve outlined above, here are some bonus tips:

  • Use a strong piece to break the monotony of your appearance ;
  • Know how to combine contrasting colors;
  • You must keep in mind that not all colors are equal and it is up to you to find the ones that suit you;
  • Consider wearing patterns once you have mastered all of the above;
  • Don’t reinvent fashion. Know how to copy from good stylists and artists.

Matching colors to clothing is an art, and not everyone is good at it. The color of clothing is an important aspect of the look and the impression you give. It is essential to know how to combine them.

To achieve this, you can adopt the 3-color rule, use a variety of colors, opt for simple colors or adopt a monochromatic look without overdoing it.