How to hang a Charliebirdy canvas print

How to hang a canvas print ?

If you want to highlight a picture in your home, print a photo on canvas remains the best way. It allows to combine decoration and practicality. You can hang it in different places in your apartment or house interior and use different ways to put the canvas on the wall depending on the surface and your desires.

Why choose to print a photo on canvas ?

To begin with, what are the reasons why you should choose to print a photo on canvas ?

First of all, it potentially allows you to keep a memory that is dear to you or a particular photo that has sentimental value in your eyes. For example, a picture of your vacation, a trip, or a loved one.

In addition, it can optimally brighten up a room, acting as a a decorative element in its own right to decorate his apartment. Indeed, if you have no idea how to dress an empty wall, this can be a great solution.

Canvas is also an ideal material for storing a photograph. If you want your memory to be able to be at the’sheltered from time and dust, the canvas will be ideal. In addition, although it is considered a rather old material, a printed photograph will give an aesthetic and very modern side.

Where to hang a photo on canvas ?

To continue, here are some tips to know where to hang your picture on canvas. First of all, it is essential to know some notions to really attract the eye to the painting. Indeed, it is necessary that this one is installed at the level of your eyes, or slightly above to contemplate it well.

As a general rule, you can count on a height of 1.60 to 1.75 m for the photograph.

If it is hung too high or too low, it will look weird in your decoration and the result will not be optimal. The best is to s’get inspiration from decoration magazines, in order to find some ideas. You can also use websites and social networks, where some users share their own ideas.

No matter how big your canvas is, an empty wall will always be ideal to put it on. Whether it is between two pieces of furniture or in the middle of it, it will be a beautiful. Even if the picture is small, it can add an extra touch to your decoration.

For example, if you’hang between two shelves or next to another frame.

Otherwise, there are a multitude of different places in your interior where you could install your photograph. For example, above a sofa in your living room, especially if the canvas is big enough. This allows you to highlight the furniture, the wall and obviously the photo.

Then, over a fireplace, whether it is used to burn wood or not, it really draws the eye to your print. It also makes it easier to really draw the eye to that part of the house. It is generally quite common to use a stair lift’hanging decorative items over a fireplace.

Where to hang a picture on canvas?

How to hang it ?

Finally, here is how to hang your printed photograph on a canvas. As a rule, you will have to drill into the wall on which you want to hang your canvas. Depending on the weight and size of the picture, you will need either a simple nail, or a drill to put a hook or other installation dedicated to hang heavier pictures.

In any case, be sure to take the measurements and put the nail or screw in the place you want. Then, you will have to equip your canvas with a support to hang it if it does not already have one.

Generally, a sawtooth support will be the easiest to place the installation correctly to your wall. In fact, you can adjust the position of the canvas so that it is perfectly straight.

If you are not sure that everything is straight after your DIY operation, take a spirit level to make sure that everything is perfectly straight and balanced. A square can also suffice. Don’t hesitate to ask for help to hang it correctly, an extra person can only be beneficial to you.