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Can everyone be hypnotized?

Each person has a specific opinion about the’Some people are enthusiastic about hypnosis, while others are not’others are moreôt skeptical. However, it seems that’There is one opinion that is omnipresent, the one stating that’hypnosis does not work on everyone. However, it can simply be a matter of self-medication’act to’a false idea that is conveyed in society. It should be remembered that’s control’s a technique, the’hypnosis is not a problem’A state of consciousness is reached.

C’It is a moment during which your mind is not in a state of shock’is more grounded in reality. Similarly, it is very often recommended to do the same thing for people who are not in the same situation’s experience with a professional. So, is it possible that everyone is hypnotized ?

Every person knows what it is like to be hypnotized’s natural state’hypnosis

As a reminder, the’Hypnosis is a natural state of trance, which lies between the’the waking state and sleep. We do not know what to do’The problem is not the person's, but rather the experience of the day-to-day life of the person’That is, in everyday life. C’This is the case when we are immersed in daydreams or when we have an excessive desire to be hypnotized’we watch a captivating movie and our eyes get lost.

The concept of time is quickly forgotten as well as the degree of control’environment that surrounds us. L’hypnosis is simply a way of getting into a trance method of freeing one's unconscious and it is accessible to everyone.

Indeed, if everyone has experienced moments of disconnection from reality, then it is obvious that the person who has experienced these moments is not the same as the person who has experienced them’hypnosis works on everyone. The hypnotic trance refers to a focus on the subject’attention. During these moments, the fact of’The ability to accept new suggestions increases.

In principle, everyone can be hypnotized

It may seem surprising, but yes, everyone can be hypnotized. Indeed, everyone experiences hypnotic states regularly, as we do’We have explained previously. D’elsewhere, experts in the field have agreed that anyone can be hypnotized, however, not all methods will work on everyone.

It will then be necessary to find a way to make it work’other therapeutic techniques that will allow some to enter a hypnotic trance. So, in a’Hypnosis with Olivier Reivilo for example, skeptical people are not approached in the same way as enthusiastic ones. What is certain is that’It is that trust is the basis of hypnosis’a successful hypnosis.

Although the’The experience may seem frightening, because it is a’acts in a way of release’a loss of controlôBut you don't run the risk with an expert who has mastered hypnosis’art of the’hypnosis.

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Different degrees of hypnotic trance

It is also important to consider whether an individual is easily hypnotized. In reality, even though we can enter a hypnotic trance state, it is not possible to be in a hypnotic state, The degree of hypnosis varies from person to person’from one person to another. So, there are talented people and others who are not’Others who have a low capacity to respond to hypnosis’hypnosis.

It is said that 5% of people are resistant to this practice, 10% quickly enter a trance state and the rest are moderately hypnotizable. For such people, the effects of hypnotic suggestions are felt and it will be possible for them to benefit from this method in a clinical context.

The people who are the most hypnotizable find that they are the most hypnotized It is often recommended to make profound changes in their perceptions and sensations. As for the less sensitive, they do not react to suggestions. Exercises can still be used to’to increase their reactivity to the natural state of’hypnosis.

The factors that prevent hypnotization’hypnotization

It happens that the’The trance state is difficult to achieve because of various conditions. Even if some factors are known, they are not always the same’What is certain is that others remain a real mystery. The main causes that can prevent the achievement of a trance state are’hypnotization are in particular :

  • a lack of willpower,
  • the fear of losing controlôthe,
  • l’It happens that the intoxication to drugs, to hypnosis and to the’alcohol…,
  • psychological resistance,
  • It is a time when we are in a daydream or when we are overly willing to be hypnotized,

Sometimes the problem is not with the person, but rather with the other personôt of the technique used. In reality, s’There are hundreds of methods of hypnosis’Only a dozen or so are used by therapists. However, these techniques only cover 70% of the cases. Since anyone can be hypnotized, the most common methods are’failure of’a session can come from’a bad psychological state or’a inappropriate technique.

How to do it’hypnosis acts ?

It is essential to know how to exfoliate’How does hypnosis work on the person and what are the benefits that it brings?’It brings.

A solution against many pathologies

L’Hypnosis is highly recommended to those who wish to stop smoking. Indeed, it would guarantee a success rate of 80% and would be very effective in the context of smoking cessation. Concerning problems related to eating disorders and depression’If the person is overweight, this practice would constitute a psychological support in order to facilitate the cures.

L’Hypnosis is also indicated as a means of complement to the’anesthesia and to reduce pain. Thus, it would help to reduce the doses of medication. It also intervenes in the resolution of psychological problems, digestive disorders or psychosomatic diseases.

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L’hypnosis against psychobiological diseases

L’hypnosis is also effective on psychobiological illnesses, i.e’The skin under the beard needs special attention’unconscious. We think of’elsewhere to emotions and stress The hypnosis session is not a session for a person who is not in the mood for hypnosis’hormonal balance and diseases. In order to solve these ailments, you will need to use a method that challenges the mind’unconscious.

In reality, if the mind has the ability to produce diseases, it can also cure them. However, one should not expect to be cured by hypnosis’hypnosis when you suffer from serious pathologies, chronic diseases or psychiatric illnesses.

L’effective action of the’hypnosis on the’unconscious

L’Hypnosis has the power to disconnect the conscious mind and thus helps to The only way to free memories is to use hypnosis’origin of physical and psychological disorders at the level of unconscious memory. It encourages the person to adopt new behaviors and a new organization of his unconscious.

L’unique rôthe of the’The goal of the hypnotist is to bring you into a hypnotic trance and to guide you into your unconscious mind. In hypnosis, mental creativity is very much in demand, as it greatly facilitates the resolution of disorders.

You the’As you will have understood, everyone can be hypnotized, but to different degrees. Also, in case of’If the method fails, the problem comes either from you or from the technique used by the therapist’hypnotist.