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HP printer showing offline or your printer is showing offline when you try to print

HP is one of the biggest brand in the world of computer and it peripheral devices such as printer. HP is the leading printer manufacturer in the world and also provides HP printer customer support to its customers if they need some help with their HP devices. HP or Hewlett Packard has a wide range of products under its name and same goes for printers. HP manufactures printers for various requirements like for home to business printer. HP also offers wireless printers which make it easy for its users to print from any place in the house or even from the office. HP offers other features as well which makes it one of the leading printer manufacture however with all this features some time things turn out to be a bit tricky. HP is known for its Quality however due to some glitches or human error it tends to break down and that’s when they start searching for HP printer customer service number so that they can to someone and get rid of their issues. We at Printer Health and Care offers a range of services for HP printers and provide HP printer technical support if they fall into a problem. Our HP printer tech support will handle your call and provide the right and suitable solutions for your issues.

There are many issues which a HP printer user might face while working with its printer and some of them are mentioned below to give you some insights of the common issues.

Common issues faced by HP printer users are as follows:

  • HP printer is showing is offline.
  • HP printer is not able to scan.
  • HP printer is not printing.
  • HP printer is able to connect to WI-FI.
  • HP printer is printing blur pages.
  • Computer is not able to discover printer.
  • HP printer gets jammed.
  • HP printer not able to print in color or black ink.
  • And many other issues which need a HP printer tech support team assistance.


The above mentioned issues are some of the common issues that a HP printer user faces while working with its printer and as that’s not it, it also hampers their work. So it is recommended to contact HP customer support phone number 1-800-787-2406 to get your issues resolved as soon as possible and continue work.


Our technical support team is vast and has years of experience in resolving issues of HP printer and other connected items. So, don’t hold for your issues to get bigger and contact our HP printer technical support number 1-800-787-2406 Toll-Free and get your issues resolve instantly from professionals.

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