How to Reset an HP Printer?

If yes then this blog will be helpful for you. So, don’t need to worry because here you will get the steps to reset the HP printer. Those users who has Deskjet printer and want to know how to reset HP Deskjet printer given steps will help them to reset the printer machine. These printers has non-volatile RAM- NVRAM- to keep information in the memory. The NVRAM store the memory even if the printer is turned off. Therefore you need to erase the memory of NVRAM. You can contact HP Printer Customer Care Number For further help.

Step 1.

If you have HP printer model 1100 & 1200 then, hold down the larger green “Go” button a. before reset the printer turn it off. To erase the memory of NVRAM, hold down the “Go” button for at least 20 seconds & wait for turn on the printer.

Step 2.

If you are using the HP printer 2200 model then hold down the “Go” button. Wait until the Attention light get turn on. Now release the button for a while and hold the button again until it shows “Ready” & “Go” lights. These lights will shows on the reset the NVRAM.

Step 3.

Press and hold the red cancel button with printer till it turn off. Now again turn it on and release the button when the LED light come on. This step will reset the printer and NVRAM both at the same time.

Step 4.

For HP printer 3630 hold the reset button and until it turns off. Again turn on the printer and Hold the reset button for 20 seconds only. This will reset the NVRAM by erase it memory.

Step 5.

If your question is how to reset HP Deskjet 2540? This step is for you. The printer models between 2300 & 4300 can be reset by this step. Hold the button “Checkmark” from the count starts & wait for LED lights come on. Use the keys “Up” & “Down” to bring up the “Cold Reset.” Once again press the option “Checkmark.”

If you are using some different HP printer model and want to reset it. Don’t worry & just reach to customer care team. The team of technical support are 24 X 7 available to resolve the printer issues. So, whenever you face problem with HP printer just reach out to tech support team. Contact HP Printer Technical Support Number now.

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