How may I fix installation error of HP printer?

When you try to install the full feature print drivers and software for an HP Printer, an installation error may occur. This is a very frustrating situation because it prevents you to print or scan important documents. This issue can be solved by some troubleshooting steps. To know the troubleshooting steps you can read this whole blog or call on HP Printer customer service number and get the guidelines of experts.

Steps to solve HP Printer installation issue

Step 1. Restart the computer, printer, and router

  1. Press the power button at the router to turn it off or you can just disconnect the power cord from the power supply.
  2. Unplug the printer from the power source and then remove all the USB cables and Ethernet cables.
  3. Then shut down your computer, but before that, don’t forget to close all the running program on the computer. Because it can cause some data loss if you will not close the running programs.
  4. Then turn on the computer by pressing the power button.
  5. Now connect printer and router with the power supply, and wait for a little time to connect to the internet.

Step 2. Uninstall the HP drivers and software

Sometimes the main reason behind the HP Printer installation issue is the incorrect installation of some programs.

  1. If the printer is connected with a computer via USB cable, then remove disconnect.
  2. Then go to the “Programs & features” in the control panel or you can search it in the Window.
  3. Then find HP Printer, and click on Uninstall next to HP Printer.
  4. Then click on Yes to confirm.

Step 3. Repair System Files

  1. Close all the running programs on the computer.
  2. Run command prompt as administrator.
  3. Then type SFC / scan now in the command prompt and press Enter.
  4. It will find and repair all the damaged system files. You only have to go through the screen instructions.
  5. Install the HP Printer driver from the official website of HP Printer.

Step 4. Then at restart your computer to save all the changes you made.

Hope, you have fixed your HP Printer installation issue. If you face any other technical issue with HP Printer or you are still facing the same installation issue then you can get help from HP Printer customer support. Ring this number and get the fast and easy solution of your problem.

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